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Researcher named in Australian government honours

Congratulations to our AMSRS Fellow and most senior and longest standing member David Bottomley who was named in the honours list 13 June 2016 as a Member (AM) in the general division of the Order of Australia “for significant service to business, particularly to the social and market research profession, and as a mentor of young researchers.”

davidDavid is regarded as the “Father” of the market research industry in Australia due to his championing of the industry from its very early days right up until today. One of his major contributions to Australia was his role in the formation of the Victorian Market Research Society in 1955 where he served as founding committee member and society treasurer in 1955 and then state committee president from 1956-65. The Victorian society evolved into the national organisation the Market Research Society of Australia (MRSA) in 1960, and is known today as the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).

David’s love of education and insistence of proper procedures has certainly ensured AMSRS had a full academic and professional underpinning right from the start and this has been maintained and developed in many ways over the last 60 years. David has been responsible for the training,
development and mentoring of countless numbers of individuals who have entered the profession including writing and publishing the text Introduction to Market Analysis, a trailblazing publication in its time, in 1959.

David is one of the inaugural Fellows of the AMSRS, being appointed in 1978, and was the guest-of- honour at the 2015 annual conference which marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Society. He is still an active member of the AMSRS.

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