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Real people tell it like it is: I don’t know, but…

I dont know but

SSI invited participants to tell the market research profession exactly what bugs them.

‘All too often there is NOT a “none of the above” or “don’t know” option and you have to choose one answer no matter how wrong it is and it takes you down a totally irrelevant path of questions…’ was one of the many revealing comments that we heard last year at AMSRS National Conference. In its 60th year, real people who take part in research took centre stage as SSI brought them up for an unscripted, real conversation. Those on stage told us the satisfactions of survey taking – but also its frustrations.

What they said has got the industry thinking and talking, and the majority of the industry has been very supportive and positive. A constructive debate about these issues is exactly what we planned and hoped for, which we are starting to see happening on social media. These are serious issues that deserve thoughtful comments and ideas.

One topic that attracted attention was telling the truth when completing surveys. Fraud is one of our most serious concerns, deserving the most stringent control in place to catch and exclude fraudulent behaviour. However, those who deliberately deceive are too busy thinking of ways to lie to come to a conference to talk about their survey experience. Instead, what we heard on stage is that sometimes we make it very difficult for the public to tell us the truth.

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