Closing the gap: magic or good practice?

closing the gap

Enter any Disney World Resort and you will be given wearable technology designed to enhance your experience in the park. From checking into hotels to making payments for merchandise and tickets, the MagicBand is making the visitor experience effortless. Developed in co-creation with visitors, the Magic Band captures and monitors exactly the amount of detail that customers are willing to share. By capturing real-time information such as where visitors are in the resort and how they are moving around, Disney can be one step ahead of the visitors by making sure queues don’t get too long, that rides are open and staff are there when the visitors need them.

This solution was developed in response to the finding, uncovered by customer insight professionals, that families often took a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to cope with the stress of a far from ‘magical’ Disneyland visit. It’s proof that brands can close the gap by asking the right questions – in this case, what are our customers pain points? Regardless of sector, size and budget, to stand out in this cluttered market, the principle is simple. Get in, ask the question and start building the experiences with consumers. And the experience must add meaning and value to consumers’ lives; otherwise they solve their problems themselves without you.

The implications of not doing so are alarming. Most consumers ‘wouldn’t care if 74 per cent of brands disappeared altogether’, according to the 2015 Havas Media’s Meaningful Brands UK report, with other sources alleging the figure might be closer to 94 per cent. When we speak to consumers, regardless of the category, we find the reason they don’t care about most brands is that they fail to provide any true value or meaning to their lives. As such, brands are scrambling to find ways they can rise above the clutter in a product-soaked market, and ensure their customers actually care they exist.
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