Another year of Christmas cheer, or is it?


According to the latest Christmas Stress Index (CSI) score, it appears many Australians find the silly season stressful.

Data scientists Nulink Analytics originally developed the CSI and have conducted the research collaboratively with Di Marzio Research for the past five years. The CSI elicits a stress score based on eight attitudinal statements to determine the level of stress Australians are experiencing in the lead up to Christmas.

This year’s research was conducted a couple of weeks earlier than in the past which may explain why the overall CSI score of 51 was one of the lower scores recorded: however it remains in the ‘high stress’ category.

christmas-stress-index-1This year we undertook a detailed segmentation analysis revealing three distinct groups, which we named:

  • Too much, too soon
  • It will be okay on the day
  • Go with the flow.

The ‘too much, too soon’ segment is the largest group (comprising 38 per cent of the sample) and it displays the highest levels of stress (CSI of 53.4). Distinguishing demographic characteristics of this segment are: 60 per cent females, 42 per cent Generation X and 76 per cent couples with children at home.

Among this segment, anxiety appears to stem from how quickly Christmas is approaching and the associated costs. For most Christmas is coming ‘much too fast this year’ (58%) and even more do not ‘feel like they have the costs associated with Christmas well under control this year’ (62%). More than four in ten (44%) are ‘worried about the expense of Christmas this year’.


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Paul Di Marzio, senior research manager and QPMR, Di Marzio Research

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