The Importance of Mobile Recruitment for Online Sampling

There has been much discussion on the need to make surveys mobile-friendly in the market research industry.  Multiple sources report more online usage via mobile than through a laptop/desktop.  A 2016 report from “Think with Google” shows that people use their smartphones more often throughout the day than a computer. Additionally, they found that 27% of people only used a smartphone during a “typical” day.

Including mobile survey participants is an important part of online surveying today. The goal for online sampling remains a broad based recruitment strategy to try to reduce bias and improve the quality of the sample. Including mobile survey participants is an important part of achieving this goal. However, is making your survey mobile friendly doing enough to include mobile survey participants?

One area to look at is the way in which the mobile survey participants are being engaged. Much of mobile survey traffic comes via “mobile web,” which means people choosing to take a survey on a mobile device, but entering the survey via a mobile browser. App-based panels are another engagement tool for online survey companies. If the goal is to engage and include people who prefer mobile devices, then having an app based panel is another important piece.

Probably one of the areas that has been examined least when it comes to including mobile survey takers is the way in which the survey participants are being recruited. Mobile web advertisement is not the most effective advertising strategy for mobile devices. Instead, you have to have a strategy that incorporates app based advertising.

Comscore published an article last year that showed 50% of America’s time spent online is via mobile app, compared to only 7% for mobile web, 32% for desktop, 9% tablet app, and 2% tablet web.
Statistics like these really highlight the importance of in app advertisements as a way of diversifying the types of people you will get from recruitment.

Going a step further, advertisements alone are not enough. Many of the young adults that are hardest to get via any device, need something other than an advertisement to join a panel. They need to be told to…by a decision influencer of course. Social media sites have created opportunities for paid endorsements from individuals who are considered to have “celebrity” status, within certain circles.

Technology has created an environment of diversity when it comes to communicating and media consumption. It’s up to us to make sure that our strategies for recruitment has been adopted for this new environment.

By Keith Phillips, Senior Methodologist, SSI
Originally sourced from SSI Blog

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