Painted Dog Research is embracing the technological revolution with the launch of its Data Tech Division

Heading up its Data Technology division, Data Tech Director Matt Gibbs has been given the task of driving technological innovation within the market research and business consulting sectors in Australia and the UK. Matt’s work experience to date has taken him behind the scenes of some of the world’s most prominent tech-focused organisations – experience which he’s building into Painted Dog’s swathe of new tech offerings.

Painted Dog Principal Justin Scerri says “The task for us is to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors through the effective use of technology. There are two clear paths that technology is taking us on, the first path is about delivering information faster, more accurately and cheaper than ever before, heavily influenced by major advances in automation and real-time reporting solutions. The second path is about giving deeper and more realistic insights via the use of new and emerging tech such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented realities, and more”.

Painted Dog’s tech team is offering Data Tech solutions across its WA and UK offices, and by staying at the forefront of developments in both markets is continuously evolving and improving its offering. “The clear advantage of being in two markets is that it enables us to draw on innovations happening in several different regions at the same time” says Gibbs. Andrew Lim (formally ThinkField) has recently joined Painted Dog’s Data Tech team in the Perth office.

Automation is the word of the hour, with computer processes increasingly replacing human effort across our industry and beyond. Painted Dog’s offering is a serious attempt to move with the times in a responsible and sustainable fashion, as Gibbs explains, “As companies adapt to automation, skills will have to be transferred and new types of professionals will emerge. The task for us all must be to guide, to inform, to train and to preserve the credibility of our profession. We need to adapt responsibly, within the framework of our very best practices. If we don’t automate our best, then we risk amplifying our worst”.

Matt presented his thoughts on Automation at the AMSRS National Conference in Sydney this year taking out the Best Presentation Award.

For further information or comments, please contact Justin or Matt on 08 9227 6464.

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