GRBN launches new handbook: ENGAGE

According to research[1] conducted by GRBN in 2016, as many as 7 in 10 participants had had a poor experience taking surveys.

Andrew Cannon, GRBN’s Executive Director, who led the creation of the handbook, noted: “Whilst research participants do have good experiences most of the time, this research showed that as a sector we still have much room for improvement. At GRBN we decided to take the lead with a global sector-wide initiative to tackle the issue.”

In late 2016, GRBN launched the Participant Engagement Initiative, designed to bring clients, agencies, technology providers and data collectors together to improve research participant experiences.

Over the past 12 months more than 35 companies have joined this mission, and GRBN has worked with its partners to conduct research into both the online survey and qualitative research user experience, as well as to collect user experience metrics data.

Taking this research and metrics data as the starting point and supplementing with the expertise of our partners, we have created the ENGAGE handbook. The handbook contains a wealth of practical, expert advice on how to deliver a better user experience to research participants.  Containing international advice from experts around the globe, the specific tips can be tailored to meet the cultural, ethical and legal requirements of different countries or sectors.

The handbook will not only help create better user experiences, it will also help increase the brand equity of end-clients by making market research a positive brand touchpoint. Over the coming months GRBN will be introducing an implementation program designed to ensure that the tips contained in the handbook are put into practice as widely as possible across the globe.

Jane Frost, chief executive of the Market Research Society (MRS), commented: “As a sector we rely on the trust and goodwill of research participants to continue with the vital work that we do – ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience is not only a commercial necessity, but our ethical responsibility.”

We welcome GRBN’s drive to bring together guidance on best practice in this area via the ENGAGE handbook, which will be a valuable resource for researchers worldwide.

Scott Miller, CEO at Vision Critical commented: “Gone are the days when we could consider research participants and customers to be two different groups of people and treat each group differently. We know now that research participation is an important part of the customer’s experience with a brand, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that experience is positive and valuable to the customer. We applaud GRBN in its leadership on this issue and look forward to continued collaboration in promoting these best practices across the industry worldwide.

Simon Chadwick, Chairman of Insights Association added: “Research participants are our life blood. Without them, we do not exist. We welcome and applaud the drive of GRBN to enhance the researcher-participant relationship and stand foursquare behind this initiative.”

[1] GRBN UX Study 2016

The Australian Market and Social Research Society is linked globally to 45 associations through its partnership with the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) and the Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC). Click here to read about the AMSRS global network. This article is originally sourced from GRBN website.

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