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Metrix enables tourism industry to invest where it counts

Metrix Consulting (Metrix), today launched the Metrix Tourism Tracker, an insight-based data product that examines the demographics, psychographics and spending behaviour of Australian domestic tourists for any regional area in Australia.

Up to now, conducting primary research to understand visitor trends has been the main channel to obtain this type information. Metrix believes big data can help overcome common challenges with primary research, in particular the high cost of data collection in regional areas, limited granularity due to smaller samples, and memory bias from self-reporting.

According to Metrix Founder and Managing Director Marquis Pohla: “Getting the right data to inform tourism-related decisions at a regional level can be extremely challenging. The large-scale visitor surveys that are regularly conducted don’t allow in-depth analysis for many regions due to small sample sizes. That’s why we created the Metrix Tourism Tracker – to allow those involved in regional tourism to obtain robust and actionable insights that will drive more effective marketing.”

A Certified Partner in the Data Republic ecosystem, Metrix has developed Tourism Tracker using data from multiple sources including anonymous, aggregated transaction-level data from Westpac Banking Corporation. A geo-demographic segmentation model is then applied to provide rich visitor profiles including a visitor’s needs, motivations, consumer behaviour and media consumption.

Metrix believes these insights are applicable to all levels of government, regional tourism associations, operators and event managers. It can be used to drive more effective decisions related
to communications development, media strategy, product development and pricing. Over time, it can also act as a mechanism to track the effectiveness of activities by reviewing key measures such as number of visitors, duration of stay and visitor expenditure.

Data Republic Chief Analytics Officer Steve Millward said: “The Metrix Tourism Tracker can help to drive growth for regional tourism in Australia, as it gives organisations and governments at a national, local and regional level a new way to gain detailed information on which to base investment decisions. Here at Data Republic, we’re passionate about using data to positively impact Australia’s economic bottom-line, and the Metrix Tourism Tracker is a prime example of the helpful data solutions being enabled through secure data sharing.”

Metrix Consulting is a marketing insights and strategy firm that connects data from multiple sources to drive more effective branding and communication. Whether through a bespoke consulting approach or an off-the shelf data solution, we translate information into insight that drives meaningful action and delivers a stronger ROI for businesses and brands. Find out more about Metrix Tourism Tracker here:


Data Republic is a data sharing governance platform and marketplace where organisations can safely share data, without risking consumer privacy or data security. Our Senate Platform delivers an all-in-one solution for organisations to govern the flow of data in and out of their organisation, as well as manage shared analytics projects in the cloud, while retaining full control of data
visibility, permitted use and licensing. Data Republic is a Sydney based start-up backed by Westpac, Qantas Loyalty, NAB, Qualgro and ANZ. Learn more about Data Republic’s offering at or watch

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