AMSRS Launch Company and Client Partners

The AMSRS has launched Company and Client Partnerships. This provides organisations who have a strong interest in research, the benefits of membership. It also allows organisations to access the Fair Data program.

This is vital to broaden our remit; to enable us to package up our training offer for companies, clients and government departments, to ensure all organisations operating in market and social research are bound by the same quality and ethical guidelines as our members.

Partnership is the mark of research excellence. It demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to quality research as well as keeping your organisation compliant, skilled and competitive.

Be recognised as a company who adheres to the Code of Professional Behaviour; has at least one QPMR Member on their team; and complies with Australian privacy requirements and the 10 Fair Data Principles.

Be recognised as a company who adheres to the Code of Professional Behaviour and receive signifiant discounts on AMSRS training course and webinars. Access to the Fair Data Program is also available for client organisations under the Partnership agreement.

For more information on Partnerships and how you can sign up please get in touch with Kara Triulcio or call (02) 9566 3100

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