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AMSRS Launches Fair Data – 6th March

In the digital age, public and consumer trust has never been more important.

It is in our interests to do all we can to educate people about the value of research, encourage them to participate and show how they will be protected.

Having and complying with privacy laws is not enough. We need a way for the public to identify trustworthy, legal and ethical organisations.

This is why I’m pleased to announce that AMSRS has introduced the Fair Data accreditation program. Launched by the MRS in the UK in 2013, the Fair Data mark helps the public easily identify those organisations which collect, use and retain personal information properly and ethically.

All organisations – both public and private sector – which collect and use personal data are encouraged to become accredited as a way to actively demonstrate their commitment to ethical data practices.

Watch this 3-minute video that explains Fair Data and the 10 Fair Data Principles that accredited organisations will be assessed and audit against:

To find out more about Fair Data and how the organisation you work for can benefit visit or contact Kara Triulcio to arrange a discussion or presentation.

To download a brochure on Fair Data click here.

The AMSRS has launched Company and Client Partnerships which will allow organisations to access the Fair Data program.

We will publicly launch Fair Data at the 2018 AMSRS National Conference and there will be ongoing promotions to build community trust and enhance the market and social research industry’s reputation.

Please support this important initiative that will benefit the future health of our industry.

Fair Data organisations agree to 10 principles:

1. CONSENT. We will ensure that all personal data is collected with participants/customers’ consent.

2. USE. We will not use personal data for any purpose other than that for which consent was given, respecting participants/ customers’ wishes about the use of their data.

3. ACCESS. We will make sure that customers have access to their personal data that we hold, and that we tell them how we use it.

4. SECURITY. We will protect personal data and keep it secure and confidential.

5. RESPECT. We will ensure staff understand that personal data is just that – personal – and ensure that it is treated with respect.

6. PROTECTION. We will ensure that the vulnerable and under-age are properly protected by the processes we use for data collection.

7. SUPPLY CHAIN. We will manage our data supply chain to the same ethical standards we expect from other suppliers.

8. PROCUREMENT. We will ensure that ethical best practice in personal data is integral to our procurement process.

9. TRAINING. We will ensure that all staff who have access to personal data are properly trained in its use.

10. REPUTATION. We will not use personal data if there is uncertainty as to whether the Fair Data Principles have been applied.

Elissa Molloy, AMSRS CEO

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