Introducing the NEW QPMR branding

The AMSRS Board has approved a change to the name and branding of the QPMR accreditation program. Going forward all accredited practitioners will now be known as Qualified Professional Market Researchers. The Board decided that Professional, rather than Practising, reflects the contemporary nature of the industry and those who are accredited practitioners.

“QPMR accreditation should be the aspiration of all market and social researchers. It reflects a commitment to high ethical and professional standards, an understanding of privacy principles and data security as well as continuous learning. If you feel you are ready to join the ranks of accredited professionals, contact the AMSRS office to find out how to go about it. It’s easier than you imagine.” says AMSRS President, Vicki Arbes

All accredited QPMR members can be identified by the QPMR logo, as seen in the header, for the current year when they carry the accreditation.

Please contact Julie Regan, QPMR Manager – – if you have any QPMR related questions.

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