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If You Don’t Trust Your Government Who Can You Trust?

The recently completed 2018 GRBN Trust Survey looked into the issue of trust across eight countries. One of the things we discovered was a very low level of trust in government. That trust in government is low, is perhaps not surprising given the world we live in, but that it is so low across all countries surveyed did surprise us.


Whilst due to a change in the way we asked the question, which was made in order to make the survey better suited to answering on a mobile device, our data indicates that trust in government is much lower than it was two years ago, in particular in Canada, the UK and Australia.

If trust in government is so low, this begs the question:


As you can see from the data below, although better than trust in government, trust in the media is also low across the countries surveyed:


We are going to hold back on answering this question for a couple of weeks, as we will be unveiling all the key findings from the GRBN Trust Survey and their implications for the market research industry at the Corporate Researcher Conference in Orlando on the 8th October.

If you can’t join us in Orlando, you can read the highlights in the next issue of Global News.

Whatever the answer to this question, one thing is sure from the above levels of trust in government and the media, and that is that we will have to work harder than ever as an industry and as individual companies to earn people’s trust.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners on the Trust Survey without whose generous contributions we would not have been able to conduct this research.


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