Either this disease wins or I win

“Either this disease wins or I win”.

Regrettably, too few weeks after these words were said, Pascal Bourgeat, Director of Behavioural Science passed away quietly on the 2 November, leaving behind his wife Julie and two children Bridie and Antony, the Ipsos family and the research community with a gaping hole.

It is not possible to summarise the peculiarities of Pascal Bourgeat in this limited space. For those privileged to have known him, Pascal was a unique and intriguing individual. Reflective, thoughtful, private and soft spoken but also gregarious, animated and full of life and passion when wooing an audience with his understanding of what drives human behaviour. Pascal did very much love to tell a great story, especially over a good red (no preservatives of course and only one, maximum two glasses!). That special ability to blend and bring forth multiple personalities to relate to a wide-ranging crowd might just have been his secret as a people person. He was always able to connect with people from completely different backgrounds and beliefs.

A regular speaker at MR conferences and author of MAPS The Road to Behaviour Change e-book, Pascal’s reputation as an accomplished Academic/Researcher/Statistician/Behavioural Scientist spread far beyond the Australian shores. He will be most remembered for his kindness and generosity to teach and share; also, his not quite French not quite Aussie sense of humour.

To a man who faced every challenge stoically, we raise a last toast to you.

Goodbye Pascal, you will be missed.

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  1. I couldn’t quite believe it when I first heard, and I still can’t quite believe it. Pascal was truly larger than life. I respected him and I admired him. And I, like many, many, in the industry, I will miss him.

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