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Deloitte, SAP and Qualtrics in Personalization Deal

Management consultancy Deloitte Digital has announced a partnership with business software giant SAP and experience management solutions firm Qualtrics, to provide personalized customer and employee experiences at scale.

The partners will use the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform to help companies make more ‘meaningful’ connections with both customers and employees: this starts with gathering the right experience data, then connecting data between siloes, enabling users to draw actionable insights. 

Qualtrics’ John Torrey, whose job title is Chief Ecosystem Officer, says that by bringing together operational and experiential data the firms are helping organizations truly understand how their customers feel about their brand, their products and their business. Scott Mager, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, adds: ‘As human expectations have evolved, businesses must design experiences that start with human needs rather than customer needs in order to forge genuine connections that result in loyalty and bottom-line growth. By collaborating with SAP and Qualtrics, we can more effectively and efficiently build and leverage connections between people, systems, data and products to create more personalized, contextual experiences at scale’

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