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Ipsos debuts ‘Simstore’ virtual shopper solutions

April 2 2019 Ipsos has launched Simstore, a suite of automated virtual shopper and packaging solutions to help clients understand how shoppers make decisions, improve navigation and optimize retail conditions and package designs.

Supported by a team of shopper and packaging design specialists, Simstore offers scenario testing which includes views for 2D and 3D shelves, 360 degree store layout, and eCommerce channels. In addition, the tool provides virtual environments for an array of in-store and online shopping channels; and an approach that Ipsos claims has proven to be highly predictive of in-market sales. 

Alison Chaltas, Global Solution Leader, Shopper & Retail, comments: ‘Simstore is helping our clients answer their most pressing business questions related to today’s ‘phygital’ shopper environment. It is fast, streamlined and validated – the perfect capability for evaluating and optimizing shopper marketing and category management in realistic re-creations of the normal shopping environment’. 

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