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Dynata Expands Access to Global Audiences Through Data Partnership with Eyeota

May 9, 2019 — Dynata, a global leader in first-party data and data services, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Eyeota to offer global B2B and consumer audiences at scale. The expanded access to global audience segment creation allows marketers to leverage Dynata’s reliable first-party data for coordinated global marketing campaigns, using seed and look-alike modelling to reach consumers and business professionals with greater accuracy and specificity.

The Dynata audiences can be accessed through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace, and are initially available throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The datasets include hard to reach B2B decision makers and a variety of consumer demographics. Self-declared automotive data will be made available in the Eyeota Audience Marketplace by June 2019.

Dynata’s first-party datasets are distinguished by their accuracy and depth. The profile data comprises 2,700 attributes derived from ongoing research relationships with more than 60 million opted-in consumers around the world. It is deterministic, declared data, provided by consumers, rather than observed data – a crucial distinction for marketers interested in knowing their target audiences.

Eyeota’s proprietary data onboarding methodology takes Dynata’s survey response data and creates statistical models that enable this small, but incredibly rich data set to be scaled into targetable audience segments representative of the respective market populations. The resulting audiences will be available globally via major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) for all activation channels including email, display, video, mobile, and addressable television. The offering will continually expand to include additional datasets and countries.

This partnership also enables brands to extend their first-party research data into global, targetable custom audiences to drive precisely targeted and results-driven marketing campaigns.

“Brands worldwide can now create and activate precisely targeted marketing audiences using the known data points of our first-party deterministic data,” says Laura Lewellyn, VP Data Strategy and Partnerships at Dynata. “Eyeota has a strong reputation for data quality and consultative expertise, and we’re delighted to offer our data on their respected global marketplace through this partnership.”

“Eyeota’s proprietary onboarding methodology provides a privacy-compliant, scalable solution for businesses looking to maximize the value of their data,” says Howard Luks, SVP, Data Products and Partnerships at Eyeota. “We’re excited to help a leading research company, such as Dynata, digitize their powerful insights into actionable audiences.”

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