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Sinch Engage, sets a new standard for personalized, relevant customer engagement

June 20, 2019: New agency matches dynamic messaging technology with advanced creative, empowering brands to reach consumers with personalized video and other rich content on their mobile devices.

Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement, today launched Sinch Engage, a new business unit focused on mobile marketing and advertising technology. Formerly known as Vehicle, Sinch Engage draws upon Sinch’s shared technology assets and broad ecosystem of channel partners to spearhead group initiatives in mobile marketing and next-generation personalized messaging. Sinch Engage is based in Seattle and is led by Matt Ramerman.

Sinch Engage melds data-driven insights, creative services and powerful technology to empower brands such as AT&T, Cricket Wireless and Comcast to strengthen customer relationships through highly personalized, deeply relevant videos and other rich content delivered to their mobile devices. Sinch Engage uses personalized video to drive loyalty and reduce churn, enabling brands to make one-to-one connections with their consumers. Clients conducting campaigns with Sinch Engage have been able to reduce their customer churn by upwards of 20 percent while doubling their sales over control.

Sinch Engage’s marketing programs are underpinned by Sinch’s cloud communications platform, which provides the ability to reach every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less, through mobile messaging or voice & video calling — handling more than 30 billion API transactions per year. The platform allows brands and channel partners to deliver highly personalized content across the entire mobile spectrum — MMS, RCS, WhatsApp and digital ads, along with social, email and web content — ensuring that they connect with their customers wherever they live on mobile.

Loyalty, Meet Relevance
Sinch Engage emerges at a unique time in marketers’ relationships with their customers — in that their loyalty is no longer ensured through exclusive memberships or loyalty rewards. Research from consultancy Kantar Retail found that 71% of consumers aren’t made more loyal by loyalty programs. Instead, customers crave relevance — and seek to engage with brands that truly “get” them, with a minimum of effort, by meeting their needs in a particular moment — through highly-personalized communications and timely notifications, particularly those sent to their mobile devices. And the content they most desire — and which will be most memorable — is video, rather than text.

“Marketers have entered the post-loyalty era — and customers are mostly tuning out loyalty programs as inauthentic. Today, relevance is everything, and loyalty and engagement are about communicating a sense of purpose that aligns with customer needs,” said Matt Ramerman, president of Sinch Engage. “We’re driving this relevance for brands — allowing them to reach their customers on a one-to-one basis, at scale, primarily through personalized video and other rich content created expressly for them. As a part of Sinch, we will work closely with channel partners and continue to expand our technology capabilities within the most relevant messaging channels to intersect the point in mobile where consumers are most likely to engage.”

Website: Sinch

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