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Direction First rebrands to InSites Consulting Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: 17 October 2019: Following the acquisition of Direction First by InSites Consulting in November 2017, the Australian research alliance now rebrands to InSites Consulting Australia.

From a one-woman consultancy founded by Erica Van Lieven in 1997 to a powerful Sydney team in a global network, InSites Consulting Australia has built a strong reputation of delivering consumer insights with impact to brands.

We started with a passion for insights, a symbol meaning bigger than 1 and a focus on the future. Direction. We grew up working with FMCG brands, finding better ways of doing research. Our passion for the future helped us connect with like-minded people in Australia and across the globe.” says Erica Van Lieven, Managing Director InSites Consulting Australia and part of the Global Partner Board at InSites Consulting.

Already in 2011, Direction First reached out to InSites Consulting to partner up and leverage off their online research communities, bringing this approach as a frontrunner to brands down under. After 6 years of collaborating, the partnership not only generated a 17% year-on-year growth for Direction First, but it also exposed the synergies in quality standards, culture and values, leading up to the official acquisition of Direction First by InSites Consulting in 2017. Now almost two years in the integration of Direction First, the group is ready to fully rebrand the Sydney branch to InSites Consulting Australia, marking the next chapter for the Australian market.

We will still be able to deliver the flexible service of a small local agency but with the resources and capabilities of a global one. Locally ignited, globally fuelled! The synergies we felt by collaborating where spot on and it’s amazing to see it all coming together. The wealth of expertise, knowledge and capabilities the global team is able to contribute to the Australian market has recently even resulted in an AMSRS Best Paper Award for our latest research on deploying chatbots in research for Nestlé Australia.“, concludes Erica Van Lieven.

Being awarded as a top 10 most innovative research agency (GRIT) and with the ambition of becoming the global market leader in online insight communities, it does not end here for the InSites Consulting group. In 2018, they acquired South-African based Columinate and earlier this year Paris-based creative crowdsourcing agency eÿeka and online insight community innovation Join the Dots (based in Manchester, New York and Singapore). The InSites Consulting group is now 450+ people strong generating €50million+ in revenues from 11 offices on 5 continents.

Website: InSites Consulting

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