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Fundamentals of Research courses went online this week

Like a lot of service businesses we had our own moving chess game with two face to face courses that were to go ahead at the Novotel Central this week.

The fundamentals courses (Qual & Quant) utilise working research professionals who have carefully aided in constructing these courses with the main aim of imparting a foundation in research practices that are based in the reality of day to day tasks.

These courses have always been done face to face to create and foster personal relationships with our new members, introduce the participants to highly respected research professionals and also give them the opportunity to meet their peers and learn in a group environment.

Then along comes the pandemic.

We started by alerting the participants to still attend and to show the levels we had gone to to arrange aditional safety measures, but as time went on, it was clear that the safest option was not to hold them face to face.

This sparked us (like may currently) to review our business practices and to see how we could move these to an online platform whilst maintaining the level of contact we would normally supply and has always seemed paramount for these courses.

We pivoted like many businesses and people are having to do right now, with trepidation, minimal time and resources.

Our fabulous speakers had to jump many hoops as well and were giving up their time when their own businesses are careers were in freefall during the shifting sands of the past week.

I would like to personally thank our course facilitators for not only giving up their time and knowledge during this week, but also invested their energy into the new talent that is emerging in our industry.

Derek Jones

Derek is the founder and principal of D&M Research, and maintains an active role in consulting on projects, developing proprietary techniques, mentoring and bridging the gap between research findings and client decision making.

Ellen Baron

Ellen is the founding director of Ruby Cha Cha, a business born and developed in Australia with a global reach.

Georgi Chan

Georgi was the director at several leading Australian market research agencies prior to establishing Blue Planet.

Lisa Salas

AMSRS Professional Standards Committee and Head of Commercial at TEG Insights

Thank you for your energy and time during this crazy and stressful period. Your dedication to increasing the standard and understanding of market and social research in Australia has been appreciated.

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