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The AMSRS Inaugural Virtual Catch up happened… here are the outcomes

On Wednesday 1st April we had our inaugural Zoom catch up with members to connect, support and identify ways we can navigate these difficult times together.

Hosted by our PD Chair Sue York, we outlined some initial guidelines for the discussion and then we opened up for members to discuss anything of concern at the moment.

It was clear from our conversation that our members find themselves in a variety of situations and with a wide range of perspectives. Some business owners are struggling to keep their doors open and to keep staff; some are utilising different methods to keep working; some are looking to use the reduction in work time to boost their skills through professional development and online training; some are connecting with other members, suppliers and competitors to find new ways of working; and we heard from clients that they are dealing with significant challenges.

The incredible pace of change over the past month has left everyone reeling and in need for connection, ideas and inspiration.

We agreed it would be difficult to cater to everyone’s needs but came up with the following suggestions:

  • Releasing content to members to upskill (if they have the available time):
    • A member commented on the additional webinars and conference videos that the AMSRS has recently released for members has been highly beneficial.
    • Request to release recent recordings of online Masterclasses held this year that could be offered at a significantly reduced rate – Action: AMSRS to organise.
    • Offer affiliated overseas associations content to members – Elissa advised that AMSRS has a strategic partnership with MRS UK; Insights Association in the U.S and GRBN and we are currently finalising arrangements for discounted on demand content from these associations that will be rolled out in the next few weeks. Action: AMSRS currently working on this.
    • Access to journals, white papers, research –  AMSRS will compile a list of freely available online resources that would be beneficial for members to access. Action: AMSRS to organise
    • Is there a reduced membership rate that AMSRS can offer people working in affiliated fields to access our PD and find out more about research – i.e marketers, design thinkers etc. Action: AMSRS to investigate.
  • Hold Zoom discussions on various topics of interest that would assist members at the moment:
    • What are people doing to pivot?
      • Invite members to come along and discuss what they are doing to cope with this economic and health crisis? What have they developed; what new things are they trying etc
    • What are clients experiencing at the moment?
      • Ask clients from different sectors to come along what is happening in their businesses and sectors that is affecting their research budgets
    • Online qual – what is new in this space?
      • What platforms etc are being used and developed at the moment?
      • What approaches and techniques work well online?
      • Moving from face-to-face to online qual
  • Business owners
      •  what are the struggles you are facing at the moment with your business, clients and staff?
      • What knowledge can we share amongst each other to get through this difficult period?
    • What are the tips and tricks of working in the current environment?
      • What can we research and what shouldn’t we be doing?
    • The 5 minute sales pitch
      • Find out various new tools and methodologies
      • What is new and interesting in the research space

If you have any great ideas that you would like to put forward for this series of Virtual Catch ups to help the research community come together and pivot with these unprecedented times, please email Sue York, Chair of the Professional Development Committee


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