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The first Global Qualitative analysis of reaction to COVID-19 is launched

MEDIA RELEASE: 8 May 2020: Faster Horses joins a global consortium to analyse the human response to COVID-19 and to support brands in their successful reaction to the crisis

The initiative was spearheaded by Beyond Research – a full-service Brand Strategy & Research Agency based in Italy. It was led by the firm’s senior team, including Andrea Zannin (Partner and Head of Qualitative), Rossana Dell’Isola (CEO) and Riccardo Bresciani (Senior Beyonder).

The human reactions to COVID-19 were felt keenly in Italy, with the country’s population having to cope with an extremely high contraction rate, followed by unprecedented death rates for which the country was not prepared. It soon became clear that the virus was moving from epidemic to pandemic. Fear, lack of control, impotence, are unusual emotions for modern mankind and these emotions were, and still are, challenging our standard way of living.

Says Dell’Isola “We were deeply moved both on a personal and professional level…our hearts were reaching out not only to our fellow Italians, but to all human kind and especially to our colleagues around the world, and all of our clients, struggling to face challenges for their business and brands. We also observed new consumer reactions and behaviours that immediately triggered our professional interest”.

Faster Horses was invited to contribute the Australian perspective.

Veronica Mayne, Managing Director of Faster Horses says “I jumped at the chance to be involved. I could see that there were cultural differences that would influence how people reacted to the virus, and I was intrigued to see how Australia differed from the rest of the world. This is a ground breaking study that will be consulted in years to come as it not only provides a lens on how different cultures deal with immense adversity, but also translates that into high level insights for very practical recommendations for brand actions”.

The report includes a psychological analysis of response to COVID-19, overlaying archetypes as a segmentation tool. The resulting map is based on the observation that in each of the key reactions to the new Fear – Denial or Acknowledgement – people can either take Flight or Fight, both with a positive and negative dimension.

This leads to the identification of 5 key customer segments and related potential brand roles.

The true power of the study lies in the fact that it translates sophisticated analysis into actionable food for thought, a handbook on how brands can successfully own the ‘new normal’: which is the archetype and brand role that is more consistent and useful for your brand’s DNA? What are the trends that will shape the life of your customers? What can you do in order to leverage them? All this with a global perspective.

The consortium includes 17 countries; in alphabetical order:

The report will also be available on the Esomar website, from 13 May, and on each participating country’s website. There is no cost associated with downloading the report.

Website: Faster Horses

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