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The current Mood of Australia: Building bonds with your brand

We may be all in this together, but we are not all impacted the same way.

Sprout Strategy has added a Special Edition COVID-19 wave to its annual Mood of Australia Report (the largest implicit or ‘System 1’ study into the emotional needs and motivations of Australia).

This Special Edition has revealed some surprising outcomes on what has actually changed for Australians’ motivational needs versus pre COVID-19 days.

Furthermore, despite the rallying call of ‘we are all in this together’, we had formed the hypothesis that not all Australians are impacted the same way. Upon examining the data we indeed started to see different groups emerge beyond the ‘average Australian’.

This resulted in ‘impacted’ and ‘non-impacted’ segments who display different behaviour patterns, potential shifts in values and most importantly, nuances in motivational needs. This can arguably affect brand targeting and the products, communications and experiences they might develop going forward.

“Our report ties these motivational needs and behaviours back to brand implications under our core belief that high performing brands are simply better at addressing human motivational drivers – what their customers are seeking to ‘feel’ more or less of right now.”

Check out how to build bonds with your brand via this link:

Website: Sprout Strategy

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