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Cautiously optimistic Australia and the need for scenario planning

Sprout Strategy has released the June Edition of their Mood of Australia research revealing that right now Australians have entered a phase of ‘Cautious Optimism’. Positivity has returned, however this is countered with a sense of realism on how long this situation will take to resolve and trepidation by many to take advantage of recent relaxations.  One-third of us feel restrictions are being lifted too soon.

”Our key takeaway is that scenario planning for different groups of Australians is essential from a Brand, Customer Experience and Employee experience viewpoint. The Plan ‘A’ is still about empowering more Australians to move further toward positive achievement on their COVID-19 Motivational Journey, whilst simultaneously planning for those Australians who experience a COVID-19 ‘Yo-Yo’ effect back to an earlier emotional state. These distinct groups will respond to different messaging and product/service offerings.  ‘I don’t want to be disempowered again’ will be top of mind for many Australians.”

Download the Mood of Australia June Update here

Sprout’s Mood of Australia Research is the largest implicit or ‘System 1’ study into the emotional needs and motivations of Australians.

Website: Sprout Strategy

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