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COVID-19 – What have we learnt?

Covid-19 – the bug that crashed uninvited into our lives and refuses to leave until we’ve learnt our lesson. But exactly what lessons have we learnt to date? And how do they differ between Australian and American residents? Have we learnt the same lessons?

In April 2020 in an attempt to make something positive out of the pandemic, Zeitgeist Creations (part of The Customers’ Voice) undertook a quick qualitative exploration into the lessons learnt about life and ourselves. Research was conducted amongst 300+ West Australians and 100+ American residents, and the results are presented in a series of short eBooks and one paperback.

Some of the 60 lessons learnt were that:

  • people can queue patiently;
  • weddings don’t have to cost thousands;
  • politicians can work together;
  • nimble businesses will rule the world; and
  • the elderly should not be written off.

“Personally, most of us did not learn a new hobby, eat healthier or exercise more. We did learn that:”

  • we can live with less;
  • who our true friends are;
  • being around family is actually okay; and
  • community spirit is alive and well with a strong desire to help others.

“Perhaps there is hope for society after all if we choose to heed at least some of the lessons learnt. And the biggest lessons of all … the true value of toilet paper and the importance of camera placement during online meetings.”

Click on the titles below for links to the EBooks and paperback:


Covid-19: 40 Lessons Learnt About Life and Ourselves (West Australian edition)

Covid-19: 20 Lessons Learnt About Life and Ourselves (USA edition)

Life After Covid-19: 35 Strategies to Maintain (WA and USA comments)


Covid-19: 60 Lessons Learnt About Life And Ourselves (WA and USA comments)

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