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InSites Consulting launches global Culture + Trends solution

MEDIA RELEASE: 23 September 2020: To help brands navigate these extraordinary times, InSites Consulting has announced the global roll-out of their Culture + Trends solution.

With primary research, and more specifically online insight communities, still at the core of the agency, Culture + Trends research takes consumer understanding even further. With this extended offering, InSites Consulting aims to identify and understand how culture and/or trends impacts brands, providing them with actionable, future-facing insights that bridge the ‘now’ and ‘next’.

Originally developed by Kelly McKnight at Join the Dots (acquired by InSites Consulting in July 2019), Culture + Trends offers in-house trend analysis by an awarded specialist team of trend consultants, psychologist and sociologists, combined with the input of their proprietary Illume Network of cultural curators, or leading-edge consumers rooted in local culture.  

“Culture + Trends provides a deeper understanding of people and the influences on their lives. By monitoring and interpreting changes in consumer behaviour caused by macro-trends and cultural shifts, we help brands anticipate changing consumer needs impacting innovation, customer experience or branding challenges.” comments Kelly McKnight, Head of Culture + Trends at InSites Consulting.

Following the 2019 acquisition, InSites Consulting not only brings the scale to offer this solution to brands around the world, but the international agency also adds the expertise of their globally awarded, future-consumer thought leadership, headed by co-founder Joeri Van den Bergh.

Having built consumer trend stories and inspiration for brands for over 10 years, it’s exciting to extend our offering in this space with this specialist team of trend consultants and Illume Network. Combined with online insight communities, we provide a constant finger on the pulse of consumers, as well as on cultural shifts and emerging trends, helping brands remain relevant now and in the future.”

The solution has been applied across sectors for niche as well as global brands, amongst others GSK, Twitter and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Nikki Humphries, Trends & Digital Insight Lead at RBS said of a future technology project led by McKnight: “This piece of insight is fundamental to understanding how our customers are feeling, and in turn how we go about bringing some of these technology innovations to market. Consumer focus has now been added to the organization-wide Technology Futures dashboard, and we are committed to running the research again next year to track the trends.”

The agency also announced the publication of their 2021 Global Trend Report later this year.


About Culture + Trends
Culture + Trends is based on a proprietary Human Drivers model, a framework rooted in positive psychology which places the 7 universal human needs at the centre of culture and trends research. The needs are universal and unchanging, but the way people seek to satisfy them changes over time in response to the macro-context and cultural shifts. By monitoring and interpreting this change, Culture + Trends helps brands to understand which drivers cause change and how brands can anticipate for changing consumer needs impacting innovation, customer experience or branding challenges. Website: Culture + Trends

Website: InSites Consulting

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