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Sprout releases ‘Generations by COVID’ Paper

MEDIA RELEASE: 28 September 2020: Sprout Strategy’s Special Edition Mood of Australia research has revealed the motivational needs, emerging values and behavioural shifts of Australians as they progress through their COVID-19 journey.

At Sprout we also become curious what sets apart our different Australian Generations as they navigate this unprecedented landscape? What are the top priorities per Generation for Brand Owners, CX Strategy and Employers?

As a consequence, Sprout has now published a short Paper of ‘Generational Snapshots’ which combine both the implicit emotional and rational survey data collected from the Special Edition Mood of Australia fieldwork, augmented with qualitative interviews and trend analysis.

“Generations by COVID” reveals each generation’s COVID-19 journey, how they have changed, how things have been prioritised and what this means for Brand Management, Customer Experience and Employee Management.

“Whilst COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted all Australians to some extent, we do see interesting nuances by applying the Generational lens. For example, it was surprising to see Boomers less worried during this crisis than much younger counterparts. Furthermore, dominant motivational needs do sometimes differ with younger Australians needing relatively more empowerment tools and messaging. We also see the vital role that CX design can play in convincing certain Generations to actively partake in key external aspects of their lives” – Ashley Smith, Research Director.

Download the ‘Generations by COVID’ White Paper here:

Sprout’s Mood of Australia Research is the largest implicit or ‘System 1’ study into the emotional needs and motivations of Australians. More info here

Website: Sprout Strategy

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