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Rapid insights key to maintaining brand loyalty

In a year of unprecedented challenge for businesses and brands across the world, understanding consumer habits and loyalties has never been so important.

Businesses have long understood the value of data, but are realising now, more than ever, how important it is to tap into brand support insights and drivers. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up many issues and industry leaders are finding new ways to untangle and demystify the changes in customer behaviours – and act on them.

At the forefront of this, the pandemic has shone a spotlight on the need for rapid-response consumer insights. Consumers have been forced to change their habits in the way they live, work and shop, and the industries that are dynamic in keeping up with these changes are the ones who will benefit in the long term.

Increasingly, businesses are recognising that quality, cost-effective data gathering is the way forward. Loyalty drivers have shifted and, therefore, traditional measures such as NPS are not enough on their own. To supplement these, we have observed a rise in more ‘in the moment’ touchpoints, as these are better placed to help brands measure and react to sudden shifts in consumer behaviour, if and when they occur.

For example, a retail chain with a high NPS score may have seen a sudden decrease in customer activity due to new customer preferences that matter more than anything else, like sophisticated delivery options. This may be missed in NPS tracking, but a swift dive using technology such as Glow’s can offer a quick insight into what customers require from this business day-to-day.

Implementing a new service requires testing and feedback. Recently, a bottle shop chain was facing low numbers of return customers for its Click & Collect orders, so they turned to our team at Glow to find out why. Robust, actionable survey data was returned within 24 hours, with details on specific issues across postcodes and other demographic cohorts, through granular targeting tools. Implementation of this knowledge led to a swift rise in return customers by around 80%. 

When time is of the essence, brands need to be able to quickly access sophisticated, actionable insights so they can develop new ways to maintain and improve customer loyalty. With high quality, data-informing key decisions, it gives businesses the confidence to know they are making the best choices for their customers. The insights can then be used to support immediate challenges and business objectives.

Author: Derek Brown, Managing Director APAC, Glow


Glow is a boutique data research firm, offering nimble access to real-time consumer opinion data in easy-to-use representations.  A proud Company Partner of The Research Society, we are proud to offer fast-tracked research tools for strategic decision making in a rapidly shifting global marketplace.

Glow hosts a weekly study to identify the biggest challenges and consumer attitudes to topical issues. For participation via submission of questions, or to run your own consumer study, please email

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