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Boomerang subscribers, analytics and getting context right

MEDIA RELEASE: 9 December 2020:Australia’s media consumption and behaviours will be more complex and difficult to decipher than ever in 2021, according to Kantar’s Media Trends and Predictions 2021. The new report reveals what will impact media and communications strategies as we navigate out of the pandemic in the new year.

Kantar Australia’s Executive Director, Media and Digital, Mark Henning says the Australian media landscape has started to rebound over the last few months, with several media agency groups now predicting high single digit growth or better for the Australian media industry in 2021.

“In Australia, online video will likely be the single biggest winner. It is imperative for marketers to understand the changing video consumption environment brought about by the growth of streaming video. This growth is a trend accelerated by the pandemic with both subscription video and broadcast video on-demand services attracting higher audiences.”

“Marketers and media owners need to understand the impact of the ‘boomerang subscriber’ as consumers start to see video-on-demand subscriptions as interchangeable, pushing the streaming wars to a new level and continuing to put pressure on traditional broadcast TV audiences. Content aggregators will take centre stage to unlock new customer acquisition strategies and collaboration is essential for long-term success.”

“It’s also crucial to allow your creative context to take centre stage,” adds Henning.

“Seeking differentiation, advertisers and agencies will accelerate adoption of the latest media channels and formats. To get the best out of these platforms it is critical that content creators tailor content to the platform, both format and personality to ensure they get the best value from their investments.”

Offscreen, the world of data and analytics has never been more critical, says Henning.

“Infusing analytics will fuel more optimal investment and deliver a balanced strategy between the short and long term. Measurement that certifies and optimises creative content quality before airing will grow in importance, and more advanced analytics tools will help determine strategic investment decisions. And as digital ad spend becomes more dominant as the demise of the third-party cookies looms, advertisers will move towards hybrid ad effectiveness measurement, combining privacy-compliant direct integration, and probabilistic and analytics-based modelling to achieve a holistic view of campaigns.”

2021 will also see brands escalate how their purpose and beliefs play to brand strengths and this will be illustrated in their specific media choices as well creative strategies with a clear focus on the context of where ads appear and how they are optimised for those environments.

“2021 will likely see brands expecting more of their media partners to ensure total alignment of brand purpose throughout all aspects of the brand and ensuring your brand remains relevant while generating demand will necessitate a new level of data-driven marketing,” adds Henning.

“A purposeful data strategy for owned data will require integration with reliable and validated external data sources, such as Kantar Australia’s new Media+BOSS (Brand Optimising Simulator Software) – an evidence-based platform based on actual campaign results involving 30,000+ individual respondents.”

“Media+BOSS allows clients to understand the impact of moving their budget between different media channels, or the impact of including a media channel that they haven’t previously used on their brand awareness, brand perceptions and consideration/intent – all before they’ve spent a cent.”

There are 10 Kantar Media Predictions and Trends for 2021

  2. THE BOOMERANG SUBSCRIBER – Is the SVOD business model sustainable?
  3. ECOMMERCE & MEDIA: FRIENDS OR FRENEMIES? – Keeping up with consumers
  4. THE AUDIENCE IN THE STREAM – And the importance of being together
  5. FROM ACTIVISM TO ACTION – Brand purpose moves up a gear
  6. THE SOCIAL MEDIA DILEMMA – Building audience relationships in a digital first world
  7. CREATIVE CONTEXT TAKES CENTRE STAGE – Differentiation in your media mix
  8. INFUSED ANALYTICS – Super-charging your media insights
  9. TOUGH COOKIES – The realities of a ‘cookieless’ world
  10. DEMOCRATISING DATA – Getting your data strategy into shape

Marketers, advertisers and agencies can download both the full report and infographic here.

Website: Kantar

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