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Defining the post-2020 consumer – a trend report by InSites Consulting

MEDIA RELEASE: 28 January 2021: Global consumer insight agency InSites Consulting today launched their 2021 Culture + Trends Report: Happiness Reset, identifying 14 consumer trends that define the post-2020 consumer. Co-authored by Head of Culture + Trends Kelly McKnight and NextGen expert Joeri Van den Bergh, the report is based on a three-part proprietary study conducted in December 2020.

Entitled Happiness Reset, the report analyses how the events of 2020 have shaped how consumers seek and attain happiness, and how this is driving new behaviour and expectations towards brands, explains McKnight: “Last year has unequivocally resulted in a re-evaluation of our lives and the world we live in. At the centre of this ‘reset’ stands the pandemic, of course, which has acted as a catalyst for behavioural change, accelerating slow-moving macro trends as well as creating entirely new ones.”

Following the macro environmental analysis, InSites Consulting used their proprietary Human Drivers model, which encompasses the seven universal drivers of happiness in conjunction with their global Illume Network of leading-edge consumers. This qualitative exploration phase captures how consumer behaviour is manifesting around the globe. This led to the identification of 14 ‘trends’, i.e. new and visible types of consumer behaviour.

A final stage of quantification (in partnership with Dynata) validated the 14 trends with 15,000+ consumers in 16 markets (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the US), allowing each trend to be ‘scored’ according to the consumer attitudes and behaviour in each market.

Katia Pallini, Content Marketing Director: “As researchers, we not only want to understand which trends are shaping and manifesting around the world, but also how this happens. By adding a quantitative layer to the approach through measuring consumers’ attitudes towards the trends, as well as how they are acting upon the trend when buying brands, we’re able to report trend scores and a global trend mapping.”

With a global trend score of 72%, ‘Unapologetic Activism’ (feeling a responsibility to call out injustice and discrimination) is an emerging trend for 2021 in most markets studied, meaning that consumers identify with the trend, but are not acting upon it yet. “There is an opportunity here for brands that can positively impact a cause and call out deep-rooted discrimination in society,” adds McKnight.

The report also breaks down attitude and behaviour of NextGen consumers compared to the general population. For ‘Reimagined Interactions’ (the need for new ways to interact with people), the NextGen score is 75% compared to a general population score of 66%. Joeri Van den Bergh, co-founder and NextGen expert at InSites Consulting, explains: “Gen Z has never craved face-to-face interactions as much as they do today. The lockdowns have taught them the importance of living in the moment and the value of in-person interactions, knowing that the simple things in life can be wiped out overnight.”

With over 2,000 subscriptions for today’s digital launch event, the agency intends to replicate the research and report on a yearly basis, providing brands around the world with continuous insights into what’s next!


ABOUT the study

The facts and figures in this press release are taken from our 2021 Culture + Trends Report: Happiness Reset, which is based on a three-part study conducted by InSites Consulting in December 2020. The trends mentioned have been quantified by 15,000+ consumers in 16 markets (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the US), in partnership with Dynata.

Website: InSites Consulting

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