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My fellow curious humans – let me spark your curiosity!

We all know research is a dynamic and diverse industry which continues to evolve at pace. Let’s face it, while we are conducting research and identifying insights we are often innovating on the fly and learning new skills ourselves.

And right when we are learning these new skills, feeling a bit chuffed, along comes another one of those emails claiming another new research methodology that is superior to something else. We look at it and we flag it in our email to read it later. But even before we flag it, we already know we will never get the time to read it. And slowly, as we see we have flagged a few hundred emails, (let alone the books that pile up) we think……. shit, how do I keep pace?

Well fear not!

The Research Society have launched the Human Insights Conference, a platform designed to showcase the diversity of research practitioners that represent our industry.

Let me ask you…..

  • Do you want the opportunity to hear from the world’s leading marketing experts?
  • Do you want to watch three world leading experts responsible for developing UX and design?
  • Do you want to hear from world leading journalists what they have learnt about humans and society?
  • Do you want to be inspired by Australian women who are taking leadership to a new level?
  • Do you want the opportunity to see fifty of the industry’s best practitioners, across a range of research fields, share their knowledge and skills?
  • And did I mention fight club?

No matter which field of research you have chosen to specialise in, I guarantee you there are benefits in listening and learning from people who work in other fields. The Human Insights Conference will immerse you into the diverse world of research. It will spark your innate desire for learning. It will spark your creativity. But most importantly it will remove the guilt we all feel from all those emails that we will never read.

Do yourself a favour.
Delete the emails.
Come to the conference.
And don’t miss fight club!

Visit the Humam Insights Conference 2021 website here.

By Lyndall Spooner

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