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The Evolution of Market Research: How Can We Do Better? – Get Involved!

It is not often we get the opportunity to be involved in something so significant that when you look back in 5 years’ time you can say “Wow, I was part of that!”.  

This is one of two reasons why, when given the opportunity to be part of the Confirmit/Dapresy and FocusVision mergers, I decided to move from being an entrepreneur (which I absolutely loved) to being part of a global company. 

The second reason is our industry – and this is why I have decided to get involved with The Human Insights Conference as the Platinum Sponsor. I have been involved in this industry for more than two decades and, like so many others, I am passionate about how we grow and where we can all take it. As an industry, we have evolved, and we have had to evolve. I have had many discussions on the topic of evolution in our industry, asking have we embraced evolution and technology enough? My answer is always the same: I’m not sure. In some instances we have been the leaders, in others I feel we have lagged. What I do know is we own our destiny; we are the ones that can evolve the industry. It is up to all of us – the professional researchers, the vendors, and the clients – the experienced, the new, and the early adopters. It is up to all of us to continue the cycle of evolution.  

Heath Adams, Managing Director, Confirmit 

The best place to get involved is the The Human Insights Conference. Be a part of the discussion, leadership and the change we all want to see. 

We all owe it to the industry to keep it moving forward, challenging ourselves and each other to do more, be better, and deliver those pieces of information that help companies make a real difference. Adopting an industry-first approach as opposed to a vendor, supplier, or client approach. I am passionate about our industry not just because my wife, son, and daughter are also in the industry, but because I believe in the industry.  

I have heard researchers refer to our craft as the dirty ‘R’ word. There is nothing dirty about helping companies gain clarity and helping them understand their customers better. How many people can say they work in an industry that helps companies create better products, services, and brands? 

There are some amazing agencies spearheading incredible value-adding pursuits and they are all in our region. We have global, regional, and local suppliers that are continuing to push the boundaries in how technology helps deliver a better experience. Our clients are often the leaders pushing agencies to be smarter, faster, sexier. Maybe it’s time for the professional researchers and suppliers to lead and take charge of where the industry is heading.  

I am urging everyone in the industry to support and attend The Human Insights Conference – The Research Society and the Conference Committee have done a spectacular job of creating a highly engaging and informative conference with exceptional thought leaders from near and afar. They are building a new brand for the conference, and this is its maiden voyage. Join us in supporting our industry and community.  There will be ways to network organically and catch up with old friends as well as the offering of many opportunities for gaining knowledge and expertise as well as being able to promote yourself and your company as connected business leaders. 

Heath Adams
Managing Director, Confirmit 

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