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Human Insights Conference delivers… 12 Global leaders & 50+ practitioners in human insights fields – all in one event.

If you are human and you use any type of insights or data for your business or career, this is an event you cannot miss! The Human Insights Conference is really delivering this year. The two day conference is part of Research Week and will run on Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 May. Don’t miss this event – get your tickets now.

  • 12 Famous Global Leaders in the human insight’s fields
  • Join us live online to share, collaborate and discuss their latest new world order thinking and plans
  • 50+ Hands on Insights Practitioners share their current projects, goals and campaigns with evidence based insights methodologies and tech platforms
  • Watch, chat and network with the insights community on your Desktop, Tablet or Phone
  • Organically network live & build business relationships via our online platform – texting, video chats, lunchroom discussions, Gamification & product testing


Seth Godin

SPEAKING: Tue 4 May 2021
Author / Teacher / Project Manager / TED Talk Speaker / Sales & Marketing Guru

Insights delivered: the art of leadership and creativity… how to bring what you’ve discovered to the people who need to hear it.

How to bring what you’ve discovered to the people who need to hear it. Bestselling author Seth Godin shares his understanding of marketing, of creative practice and most of all, the leadership we need right now.

Leigh Sales

SPEAKING: Tue 4 May 2021
Journalist / Order of Australia / In Depth Interviewer

Fire side chat with social researcher Rebecca Huntley as they discuss the human insights gained from interviewing as a top journalist.

Watch these two powerhouses of women insights leaders and journalists discuss the human insights Leigh Sales has gained from interviewing world leaders in all arenas of business and social communities.

Mark Ritson

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Author / Teacher / Brand Guru / Marketing MBA Designer / Brand Consultant & Former Marketing Professor

Humans and Brands – discussions of salience, preference, loyalty.

We’ve learned a lot about brands and humans over the past fifty years. In this entertaining and fast paced talk Mark Ritson shares an update on we do and do not know about brands. His talk includes discussions of salience, preference, loyalty and children’s playgrounds.

Meet the CX, UX & Design Thought Leaders

Steve Portigal

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Author / Teacher / User Research Guru / Speaker on Culture, Innovation & Design

1. Boosting User Research Maturity – where to invest to improve how we practice user research.

User research is increasingly adopted ever-more broadly, but in wildy different fashion, as we look from organization to organization. There can be a vague sense that we should be making improvements, but the specifics of what – and how – may feel elusive. In this talk I’ll introduce the concept of maturity models, and identify the key attributes that we can assess our own organization’s performance. I’ll also offer guidance about how to and where to invest to improve how we practice user research. 

2. AMA – 1 hour of ask Steve ANYTHING @ Lunch.

Join Steve Portigal for a more indepth discussion around User Research

Gerry McGovern

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Author / Developer of “Top Tasks”  – Design & Information Architecture / Speaker

The author will walk you through the Top Tasks model of management that puts the customer at the centre – currently being used by our Government & the World Heath Organisation.

Top Tasks is a model of management that puts the customer at the centre by measuring success based on the success of the customer at completing their top tasks.
So who is using it? Everyone from small agencies, start-ups, our Government and the WHO (World Health Organisation). The underlying consistency of top tasks is nearly always a surprise to organizations. Every department and manager likes to think they’re special and that their audience or customer base has unique needs. That can, of course, be the case. But it is surprising how much people have in common.

Read more about this speaker

Tony Ulwick

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Pioneer of Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory  /  Inventor of Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI)

Why Innovation Fails & How to Fix it – His work has defined a new era in customer-centric innovation with his strategy seeing businesses growth 5 x the national rates.

Why Innovation Fails & How to Fix it. 95% of product teams don’t agree on what a customer “need” even is. This is the root cause of failure in innovation and why the majority of new products fail. To succeed at innovation, product teams must unite around a common language and understanding of customer needs. During this session, Tony will debunk myths that are preventing companies from making needed progress and show you how a jobs-to-be-done mindset can be used to define, capture, organize, and use customer need statements in a way that makes innovation far more predictable and profitable.

Meet the Qual, Social & Leadership Thought Leaders

Nikki Lavoie

SPEAKING: Tue 4 May 2021
Agile Qualitative Ux Researcher /Ethnographer / Board of the AQR   / Member ESOMAR Council / Linguistics & DEI (Diversity, Equality And Inclusion) Expert

Sound thinking and logic for our intellectual research toolbox with a newfound appreciation for human-focused research.

Research in the Age of Aquarius: What The Skies Can Teach us About Human Connection. During the course of humanity, we have often mistook sound thinking and logic for something more akin to witchcraft. Now, as global change has catapulted cultures and economies into new paradigms, we are coming to understand that a fundamental tool in our intellectual research toolbox may be more powerful than ever. Exploration of how our understanding of the skies have impacted our perception of life on Earth provides the perfect parallel to the newfound appreciation for human-focused research that is unfurling around us, today.

Fabian Dattner

SPEAKING: Tue 4 May 2021
Author / Leadership Guru / TEDx  Speaker / Film Maker / AFR100 Women of Influence

Humans and the Change we need in Leadership. We matter more than we think.

We look at the problems in our world and not their causes. Every decision we make has an effect. We must challenge leaders everywhere at every level to own this concept. Who do we influence – self, others, context. We matter more than we think. Inspiring the audience to be part of the change they want to see in our world, by understanding the power for change they have. Introducing the right to challenge the practice of leadership and to understand it as an every day skill (parents, community, teams, managers, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, marketers). Understand three mindsets for influencing – self, others and within context. Learn why we get stuck and why we are settling for less than we deserve.

Farai Chideya

SPEAKING: Tue 4 May 2021
Journalist / Qual Researcher / US Election Researcher (For Fivethirtyeight, NPR, CNN, ABC & NPR)

The current human journey  Listen critically to stories about our human journey, and tracking the data on people, governments, and our global society.

The current human journey.
I listen critically to stories about our human journey, and track the data on people, governments, and our global society. My own human journey has taken me to 30 countries, 49 states, and to cover every Presidential election since 1996. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I grew up with family from all walks of life and opinions — military, art school, educators, and civil servants. Every Thanksgiving after dinner, we would hotly debate the issues of the day – from abortion, to transgender rights, to the Vietnam War – and then move on to dessert. That’s my American side. My paternal Zimbabwean side, which I first visited at age four and then in adulthood over the past two decades, gave me an increasingly rich perspective on race, culture, politics and economics from an African diasporic and trans-Atlantic perspective.

Meet the Tech, AI Strategy & Fightclub Thought Leaders

Amanda Johnstone

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Social Impact Technologist, Speaker, Advisor & Investor / Time Magazine Next Generation Leader / The CEO Magazine Startup Executive of the Year

Technology’s role (brain to computer interface, mobile, AI and IoT) in community needs to engage and protect their most precious asset, their people!

Humans and Tech. How do you enhance both peer-to-peer relationships and human to computer communication through a series of technologies, including but not limited to the brain to computer interface, mobile, AI and IoT.

Adam Ferrier

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Consumer Psychologist, Champion of The Intersection of Ideas & Marketing Sciences

Fight Club

Fight Club is a ‘no holds barred, gloves off’ battle between our industries leading critical thinkers. It’s professional boxing where egos are bruised and reputations are won and lost.

“Where egos battle, winners gloat and losers take a long hard look at themselves”. Forget debates, round table discussions and panels – if you want manners and pleasantries go and watch Bridgerton.

Kristin Hickey

SPEAKING: Wed 5 May 2021
Academic, Management Consultant, Market Researcher & Strategic Planner

Get ready to back your guru as they call out philosophical bullshit and deliver the point scoring blows you can only fantasise about delivering yourself.

What happens in Fight Club becomes legend!

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