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Resolve launches new political venture with The SMH and The Age

MEDIA RELEASE: April 26 2021: This month saw the launch of a new political research initiative in The SMH and The Age, who have partnered with Resolve Strategic to give their readers a deeper perspective on public opinion. 

The Resolve Political Monitor (RPM) will be published monthly, updated more regularly in an on-line data centre, and uses a new approach to overcome the failings of the 2019 election polling and to delve deeper into opinion on politics and current affairs.

Jim Reed, Founder of Resolve Strategic, says, “In planning and designing this research we were really excited by the prospect of going beyond simple measures of vote to see what was driving people’s views, whether that be the leaders, their parties and local MPs, issues, policy or performance.”

The initial poll used a sample of n=2,000 adults nationwide, with a variety of quotas and weighting factors in each state and territory, before then asking voting questions only of those registered to vote.  The mix of CATI and on-line interviews is unique, and will help calibrate future tracks. 

“We wanted to make sure we could reach the widest variety of people possible via landlines, mobiles and off-line recruited on-line panels.  That’s really the only way to make sure our sample isn’t artificially skewed in terms of political allegiance or interest”, reports Reed. 

It’s inherently more difficult to measure potential behaviours, like voting intention, than opinions, and to overcome this the RPM emulates the real ballot choice as closely as possible with a fully ranked set of numbered preferences for the party brands and candidates likely to run in each area. 

But Reed agrees with The SMH and The Age that primary vote should be the focus.  “With two-party preferred you turn the reporting into a simple horserace that readers assume is a prediction of something way off into the future.  It’s less accurate than primary vote at determining the true health of the parties, and doesn’t factor in minor parties.”

Beyond vote, the RPM uses a 15-minute questionnaire to identify and track important issues, the opinions of the leaders, party brands, policy strengths and weaknesses, voting focus and motivations, and well as opinions of current affairs.  Open-ended responses and statistical driver analyses are added to give extra depth and colour to the coverage. 

“This is something new for readers.  They are used to seeing vote and leadership ratings, but to tell them what issues and people are important, who they are important to, and how they are being perceived adds to political discourse, rather than cheapening it”, says Reed. 

Website: Resolve Strategic

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