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Researching Trends Masterclass

Did you ever wonder how you can research the future? Trend research is a powerful method to detect change at an early stage using mainly qualitative research techniques.

This masterclass, over 3 sessions, will help you to wake-up your inner trend watcher. You will get acquainted with the 3-phased trend research cycle (scan, analyse and apply) and learn theory and skills that help you integrate trend research within your own research practice.

The masterclasses are a mix of theory and learning-by-doing. They contain interactive elements and practical exercises, individual work and group work. You don’t have to prepare or do homework in between the sessions.

This Masterclass will teach you:

  • the trend framework: theory on trend research
  • to scan: where to look for signs of change and spot innovations and changing behaviours
  • to analyse: how to connect the dots and find trend patterns
  • to apply: how to use your trend insights to kickstart innovation

Learning outcomes

After this online masterclass you will:

  • be observant of change in the world around you
  • be able to make sense of change
  • be able to use trend insights in ideation/brainstorm sessions
  • be more aware of your own trend skills and how to integrate these into your daily work.


Els Dragt, The Netherlands

Els Dragt is an independent trend researcher with over twenty years of experience in spotting and analysing seeds of change. She has worked at several agencies and for various (inter)national clients, ranging from non-profit to commercial ones.

Els currently focuses on training people how to research trend themselves. A sample of clients include KPN telecom, Manchester City Football Group, HIVOS (an NGO), the Dutch government and Viacom.

Els is an author of several research publications, such as ‘How to Research Trends’ and ‘Dare to Ask’ (BIS Publishers). She is a guest lecturer at various universities in Europe where they use her 3-phased trend method in their study programs.

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