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ORIMA Research’s latest COVID-19 Recovery Tracker update

ORIMA Research has just released their Update Volume 13 from the COVID-19 Recovery Tracker (CRT) project. For those with some involvement in the vaccine rollout, the last few slides about language may be of particular interest.

These results are based on data up to 23 July 2021. They are available through the new ORIMA Research CRT portal.

Key results

  • Since the Sydney outbreak in June 2021, Australia’s national mood has entered a fourth phase, which is a dramatic decline and reduction in confidence in leadership.
  • Current results across CRT indicators are the lowest seen in the community since mid-to-late 2020 when Victoria was in the grips of its second wave and extended lockdown.
  • Satisfaction with the response of the Governments (Federal and States) has fallen since February 2021, and then more quickly as the Sydney outbreak in June 2021 took hold and spread. Trust in leadership has also declined, and so too has the proportion of the community who have more respect for the complexity of government decision making, suggesting the community is now also less prepared to give governments the benefit of the doubt.
  • Vaccination rates are accelerating, with those keen and willing to get vaccinated increasingly doing so. Meanwhile, the proportion of those in the community who are hesitant or resistant to the vaccine remains steady, and therefore this group makes up a bigger proportion of unvaccinated people.
  • Use of the term “the jab” is especially off-putting to the exact key segments of the community who are least committed to their decision about getting the vaccine, compared to other language such as just “getting vaccinated”.

This update plus all previous volumes of the CRT Updates can be searched and downloaded from the ORIMA CRT Portal. An interactive visualiser on the portal also allows exploration of the key negative impact indicators, with more interactive CRT questions to be added shortly. All new and current CRT updates will be available through the portal.

The next regular CRT update is expected towards the end of winter, as hopefully a combination of weather and progress may help reveal the emergence of a more positive fifth phase of Australian’s COVID experience. To request to be notified when the next update is available, or for any queries about more detailed CRT results or methodological details, email us at

Website: ORIMA Research

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