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Improving communication with Video

The Research Society asked researchers to share how they are using video, and over the next few weeks we will be sharing the responses in a series of posts to highlight use cases for video.

Client-side insight leads are increasingly time poor and have the imperative of ensuring return on investment to research and insights work, one proof point of which is stakeholder consumption and utilisation of insight engagement outcomes.  Pressure is on agencies to transform and evolve how they deliver so as to continue to drive high levels of internal client-side engagement with research, to ensure it garners attention, engages and drives action.  Agencies have several pathways open to them to do this, including developing better, shorter and more engaging Powerpoint-based stories that deliver immediate value in story-form, rather than having to necessitate the client to piece together the data, regardless of its type, by themselves. 

Video can also supplement story-form PowerPoint presentations by providing a 2-5 minute executive summary. 

Video has the advantage of helping insights come to life in a way simply not possible with more static forms such as Powerpoint.  

We have used this approach with a major online employment marketplace which has facilitated greater sharing of insights with broader stakeholders, provided stakeholders with a quick refresher after the session, and made sure that those who couldn’t make the session can stay up-to-date with the latest insights.  We anticipate that this will become increasingly important as we transition back to face-to-face presentations and the challenges of hybrid meetings emerge. 

As well as providing a great summary form to deliver post-Powerpoint session, video delivery can be shared ahead of a main presentation to build anticipation and excitement for the actual presentation and give the audience an indication of whether they need to attend the full presentation.  In the days prior to the presentation session, the high-level video covering the ‘need to knows’ is circulated to the presentation meeting attendees. The video is a combination of our account team talking straight to the camera overlaid with datapoints that bring the story to life.

This video gives more senior, time poor stakeholders all the high-level information they need to know, and potentially saves them an hour in their diaries.

It also expands the reach of our insights to stakeholders who otherwise might not have been able to make it to the presentation. For others, it is a sneak peek into what we will cover in the coming days and gives them an opportunity to think about what will be discussed and come prepared, ready to engage in the session often leading to more fruitful discussion. 

Key to this landing well is keeping the information at the right level and not getting too deep into the data, as well as ensuring the video footage is visually engaging through the use of data overlays and exciting storytelling.

Chris Crook

Todd Cope