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Using Video to Enhance Storytelling

The Research Society asked researchers to share how they are using video, and over the next few weeks we will be sharing the responses in a series of posts to highlight use cases for video.

As a qualitative researcher with over 25 years of experience, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of client stakeholders being able to see and hear their customers speak for themselves by watching groups. The atmosphere in the backroom after groups is usually electric with excitement, and possibilities. You’d walk into that room to be hit with dozens of questions, hypotheses, theories, and a sort of gratitude from clients for having shown them who their customers are in a way which they often didn’t previously understand. I see video playing much the same role nowadays. 

If it weren’t for the cost and time associated with editing and gaining the necessary permissions, I would include video in every report, presentation and dashboard.

In my experience, clients sit up and pay attention whenever you play them a highlight reel in which their target audience puts into words what you’ve just explained to them in a presentation. Hearing it in their words and seeing them – how they present, what’s in the background, their ethnicity, and their stories make the research findings themselves that much more compelling and insightful.

Of course, the trick is that the researcher has to do the hard work of pouring through transcripts and watching the videos before putting together the presentation and then finding a mixture of short clips to support that story. No one wants to sit through all the videos or even an unedited 3-minute video of one respondent.

Video isn’t the story, but it’s a great way to enhance the storytelling and its role will only continue to grow.

Anne-Marie Moir

Head of Innovation

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