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InSites Consulting establishes global Solutions Office

MEDIA RELEASE: November 17 2021: On their path to position as global consumer centricity agency, InSites Consulting announces the installment of a global Solutions Office, headed by Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert.

Having accelerated its growth both organically (reporting 10% in June 2021) and non-organically (acquisition of no less than 6 agencies in the past 3 years), InSites Consulting is on a steep growth path, with the explicit ambition to broaden its positioning from consumer insight to consumer centricity agency.

“Our path to growth is to offer a tech-enabled consulting proposition which will ultimately enable companies to be consumer-centric. We observe that brands want to be more consumer-centric but struggle with actually making that happen in practice. Our multi-faceted solutions portfolio helps close the consumer empathy, relevance and experience gap by means of our ‘consumer connect’ solution, our collaborative community formats, and our contemporary tracking offer,” says Niels Schillewaert.

The newly installed department is responsible for the agency’s full solution portfolio, covering its proprietary technology and consumer network capabilities, insight consulting services (with insight communities and creative crowdsourcing at the core) and strategic transformation services (such as their Culture + Trends proposition).

As past ESOMAR President and co-founder of InSites Consulting, who in earlier days founded and headed the agency’s innovation and R&D cell, Niels Schillewaert will be heading the global agency’s Solutions Office. The department will support the bigger business in enhancing and streamlining quality and efficiency of client deliverables, integrates new solutions for every future acquisition, and finally fuels the innovation agenda via direct client and market feedback future-proofing the agency’s integrated portfolio.

“Innovation has always been in our DNA but combined with technology it becomes more important than ever. We have developed our own proprietary software for our insight communities, for insight activation and for consumer empathy. Most recently, we started beta-testing a dynamic matchmaking tool to enable executives to easily connect with consumers,” says Annelies Verhaeghe, Head of Platform Innovation at InSites Consulting. “That said it does not cut our humans. Technology does not solve problems, but it enables people to do so. Our solution suite thus provides technology capabilities and consumer insights consulting which allow deep understanding as well as encompasses methods that allow internal as well as external strategic transformation,” Niels Schillewaert concludes.

Website: InSites Consulting

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