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Kantar appoints Bethan Hockey as Head of Sustainability

MEDIA RELEASE: June 27 2022: Kantar are thrilled to announce the appointment of Bethan Hockey to the newly created role of Head of Sustainability for Kantar Australia’s Insights Division.

With a proud 8-year tenure at Kantar, Bethan’s cultural strategy and human insights consulting expertise has helped inform some of the biggest Australian and international consumer brands to adapt to better meet the needs of people in a culturally relevant way. She also brings a wealth of experience in FMCG sustainability, advising on everything from packaging innovation and communication to the development of thought leadership to mobilise businesses and inform strategy.

Kantar Australia Managing Director Jon Foged says Bethan’s exceptional sustainability leadership will be augmented by the powerful global Kantar sustainability network to drive momentum in this incredibly important sector.

“As companies grapple with the critical and tricky task of marrying their sustainability initiatives to the needs/behaviours of the consumer’s they serve, we will find ourselves in more (and more varied) sustainability discussions with clients. Just as importantly, Beth brings a huge amount of passion and expertise to the role sustainability can play in making business, and the world, a better place.”

Bethan says her core motivation is about “people first”.

“Sustainability is one of the biggest ways that brands and businesses can make people’s lives better – big or small. And I believe they have a responsibility to do good, beyond doing well.”

She adds that having a positive impact on the world is more than just reducing carbon footprint.

“It’s about helping to actively improve the lives of people and the communities and environments that they are part of. I am thrilled to be able to lead the Australia offer and help more businesses work towards a more sustainable future.”

Kantar launched the global Sustainable Transformation Practice in early 2020. In 2021 alone, the company worked with over 330 different clients on social and environmental sustainability across the world.

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