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ITWP Launches Industry-Wide Insights on Demand Consortium with P&G, L’Oreal, Nestlé, Nature’s Way and Other Global Founding Members

Members committed to promote the understanding and adoption of insights on demand by businesses across all industries

ITWP, parent holding-company of Toluna, and Harris Interactive Europe, together with other founding members, has launched the Insights on Demand Consortium. The Consortium is a multi-lateral group comprised of individuals and companies from all industries, such as CPG, high-tech, and market research, that are committed to promote the adoption of insights on demand, an entirely new way for businesses to understand and act on consumer intent and behaviour.

Insights on Demand is a transformational market category based on the need of businesses today for fully integrated approaches to understand constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste. The vision for Insights on Demand is democratized market research, where insights into consumer intent are accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes.

Founding Consortium members include iconic brands like Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Nestlé, Nature’s Way, innovative agencies and research partners including W2O, AKQA, Simmons Research, Toluna, Harris Interactive; as well as other thought leading organizations that are focused on reshaping market research.

Consortium members are focused on providing thought leadership that will help professionals from research practitioners up through CMOs at Fortune 500 brands to broaden the scope of influence that this new way of conducting “market research” has within today’s on-demand economy. Initially, the group will focus on topics that include the scalability of expertise, the need for ongoing real-time consumer insight, and fragmentation of research tools and technologies. The Consortium will host its first meeting in mid-January and share key findings with the business community at large.

The group will provide best-practice approaches to adopting transformational insight strategies enabled by technology and automation, as well as general market education through the distribution of content via webinars, thought leadership and conferences.

“Our mission with insights on demand and this consortium isn’t to change market research per se, but instead to advance an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to understanding consumers. The concept of insights on demand transcends market research and is something much bigger that makes real-time consumer insights accessible to a much broader scope of individuals outside of traditional researchers. AirBnB didn’t change the hotel industry, but it did change the way people travel and stay overnight. In the same way, we seek to change the way businesses access consumer insights within today’s on-demand economy,” said Frédéric Charles Petit, CEO of ITWP and founding Insights on Demand Consortium member.

“It’s a well-known fact that organizations committed to being insight-driven report far higher levels of consumer engagement and market growth than their laggard counterparts,” said Holly Rozelle, Director, Marketing Capabilities for Nature’s Way Brands. “In the last year we’ve been able to create and push Nature’s Way to become an insights driven organization. However, we’re also cognizant that in order to stay competitive, there’s great collective value in meeting with industry leaders to bounce ideas and discuss opportunities. I’m excited that the Insights on Demand Consortium will be able to deliver on that.”

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About Insights on Demand™

Insights on Demand™ is a transformational market category based on business needs for fully integrated approaches to understanding constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste. This democratized vision for market research makes insights into consumer intent accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes.  Insights on Demand™ promotes the tight integration between technology and companies to provide iterative real-time insights that reflect constantly shifting market sentiment.  ITWP, parent company of Toluna and Harris Interactive launched Insights on Demand in November, 2017.

This release marks the launch of an industry-wide member Consortium.  For more information about Insights on Demand, or to join the consortium visit

About ITWP

ITWP is the parent holding-company of Toluna, and Harris Interactive Europe.

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