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Kantar Marketplace launches in Australia delivering fast intelligence for brands

March 6: A new on-demand research and insights store from Kantar has launched in Australia today. Kantar Marketplace is the only on-demand platform combining high quality, validated sample reach to 80 million consumers worldwide.

“Kantar Marketplace addresses the pressing need of businesses needing fast intelligence to act quickly and make timely decisions. It delivers fast turnaround self-serve custom surveys, smart insights solutions and expert consulting.”

Kantar Australia’s Head of Creative Development Sam Walters says that CMOs are under even greater pressure to prove ROI and are actively looking for better ways to be more targeted with their campaigns and advertising strategies.

“They’re looking to work with marketing tools that allow them to identify and influence what drives peoples’ attitudes and behaviour in ways that deliver improved speed, accuracy and value. Those who can access these tools will have a big competitive advantage in generating the valuable consumer insights that can lead to new organic growth.”

Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar, says Kantar is focused on increasing the impact of its work or clients through investment in delivering world-class human understanding and continuous innovation.

“Kantar Marketplace is a great example of these priorities. It allows our clients to choose from a spectrum of offerings; from self-service surveys to deeper diagnostic full-service tools, that can be delivered in as little as a day. With access to more than 80 million consumers worldwide, the scale of our permissioned panels ensures that, post-GDPR implementation, the voice of the customer can remain central to decision-making, while protecting wider consumer privacy.”

Will Galgey, Kantar Marketplace CEO, says, the speed at which competitive environments evolve is ever faster.

“Our clients expect us to support them in that challenge. Kantar Marketplace is a key part of our response. It is delivering fast and accurate research at a fraction of the usual time and cost. As we launch more solutions in to the store it will transform the way we engage with and support them.”


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