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With Revised Code, Insights Association Addresses Increasing Role of Secondary Data & Analytics

MAY 8, 2019 – The Board of Directors of the Insights Association has approved an updated Code of Standards and Ethics for Marketing Research and Data Analytics.

“Each year we seek to improve our Code through a comprehensive review by a team of expert practitioners,” explained Insights Association CEO David W. Almy. “Cognizant of the continued transformation of the insights industry and the increasing role of secondary data and analytics, the result is a clearer, tighter and more inclusive standard which better recognizes the increasing role of new methodologies and data sources in the creation of insights.”

The Code was unanimously approved by Insights Association members in 2018. Under the association’s bylaws, all members are required to abide by its requirements.  

Considered a living document, its annual review is essential and mandated to ensure that it keeps pace with the industry’s needs as it evolves. This year, the intent of the review was to:

  • More fully include the culture and practices of data analytics/secondary data, integrated or alongside its longstanding primary research tenets
  • Make it as modern and forward-looking as possible, and as evergreen as is practical
  • Create simple, broad and flexible criteria in consideration of new Insights Association members using data analytics/secondary data to generate actionable insights
  • Be applicable in the real world, particularly in the long shadow of GDPR and Facebook/Cambridge Analytica, emphasizing practical operations and solutions over theory
  • Not be partisan toward or against any methodology or data source, but ecumenical in spirit and substance while upholding our essential ethical and privacy requirements.

“These revisions reflect the continuing evolution of the insights industry and profession,” said Standards Committee Chair Peter Milla.

Added Almy, “For this update, we are particularly grateful for the incisive, in-depth and often provocative recommendations of Crystal Collier, veteran expert on technology, operational, sales and customer experience improvement; JT Kostman, leader of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology at Grant Thornton LLP; Elizabeth Merrick May, head of customer engagement, hardware at Google; and Joel Rubinson, president at Rubinson Partners.”

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