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Not long now!! Have you booked your conference tix?

Here’s what some of our presenters and conference committee members will be speaking about, and rushing off to see, at this years’ AMSRS conference. Come along and spark your curiosity.

Sam Paul – Managing Partner| The Behavioural Architects
In the last decade Behavioural Economics has been re-shaping economics, business strategy and public policy, but yet, Market Research (MR) has taken longer to come around. In the world of MR, Qualitative Research has clamoured to be at the forefront of Behavioural Economics and already embraced its benefits. However, Behavioural Economics also offers a powerful framework for designing better Quantitative Research.

My presentation – Quantitative behavioural economics and research at round table discussion – will provide an overview of how Behavioural Economics can enhance Quantitative Research. I will endeavour to wade into the ‘best’ quantitative customer metric discussion with a new perspective from Behavioural Economics. One which recognises that customer insights can often be wrong, and at worst misleading. I will discuss how Behavioural Economics can help us to understand why intention does not always lead to behaviour, and provide a view on how Behavioural Economics can help to design Quantitative Research questions in more accurate and impactful ways.

I’m excited to present this year and to be alongside a fantastic line up of consultants, researchers and clients. The presentations from Vicky Falconer from Amazon Web Services, and Barry Enderwick (ex-Netflix) are the ones to look out for on Day 1. They should offer a stimulating discussion on blended data and its role in delivering better business insight.


Barry Enderwick (USA) Marketing Executive (Former Netflix, MZ) | Public Speaker| Writer


Suz Allen, Director, Sensory & Consumer Science Asia Pacific & International
Coming from the client-side of our industry, the AMSRS Conference allows me to stay connected with advancements in our field, whether it be unique research techniques or simply different ways of harnessing insights. 

It’s extra special to have an Asia Pacific focus to this year’s Conference, particularly given my role as a researcher expands across International waters.  I’m looking forward to interacting with our regional peers and chatting about the unique opportunities and challenges we face as a region.

We also have some stellar presentations in the Conference program that whet my appetite, ranging from “sharing the love of research” (thanks SEEK), to leveraging consumer insights within the meat industry, looking at the emotional impact of advertising, and seeing whether we’ll all still have jobs as we know it (Bots versus Researchers and AI & Big Data Opportunities).

In the plenary sessions, I’m most excited about what I can learn from the Netflix journey and the importance of an internal culture of innovation.  A little bit of controversy is also stimulating, and it will be fascinating to understand Adam Ferrier’s point of view as to why consumer insight is killing brands!  I’m not sure I’ll be agreeing with him, but you need different points of view to stretch your thinking.  It is after all, a “festival of ideas”.

Thinking about the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon this week (and yes, I am old enough to remember – sitting cross-legged on the library floor in front of a tiny little black & white TV),  it’s a great reminder that we have an amazing capacity as humans to be visionary and to build on the ideas of others, no matter how big or how small.  I know this year’s AMSRS Conference will again fuel my innate curiosity as a researcher and propel me to think beyond the obvious.

Come along to Conference and think with me!

Full conference details and registration are available here.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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