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Qualie launches world’s first platform for objective qualitative research

MEDIA RELEASE: 12 August, 2019: Australian market research tech start up has launched the world’s first market research platform for objective qualitative research.

After $1.75 million in seed money and hundreds of projects for over 30 clients during the development phase, the platform is now open for use by clients, market research agencies and advertising agencies in Australia as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Prior to the official launch, Citbank, Energy Australia and a global tech giant signed up as clients on the self-serve system. Australian market research agencies Bastion Latitude and Pollinate have also come on board as foundation research partners. And UK, US and Asian marketers are looking to join the platform for comms and concept testing.

According the Qualie CEO, Ainslie Williams: “This is a platform that brings qualitative and quantitative research together. After three years of IP development we’re thrilled to open the platform to Australian insights teams and agencies.”

Qualie was developed because traditional qualitative research, though rich with insight, is based on small samples and is by its nature subjective. And while quantitative research had the rigour of numbers, it told you little about what was really going on in people’s heads and hearts. Qualie brings the two together – the numbers and the why behind them – in one survey platform.

“We’re excited to be launching this with our foundation partners. They’re from different industries and sides of the insights market, but they share a spirit of innovation and a love of breakthrough ideas. This represents a powerful new tool for them to get better understanding, faster,” said Williams

The Qualie platform uncovers and captures deep insights on video from qualitative participants and then serves these for rating and review by quantitative participants in the same survey. These scores, generated at scale, are used by Qualie’s proprietary algorithms to determine the consensus opinion of the market objectively.

“You’re hearing the why as told by the market’s chosen spokespeople,” Williams added.

In addition, the platform allows researchers to ask all the typical quantitative style questions as part of the same survey.

“It’s truly a hybrid qual-quant system, but we think of it as a survey platform with a qualitative soul,” Williams explained. “That’s the background of the founders. We want to bring qualitative depth to all quantitative surveys clients do.”

Getting depth from participants is embedded into the platform’s DNA.

“It’s not a simple thing to uncover nuggets of gold from participants. The platform guides them to distill their responses down to core personal truths using elements of mindfulness as they go through,” Williams said. “They’re treated as three dimensional human beings, not button clickers.”

Dianne Gardiner, CEO of foundation partner Bastion Latitude added: “I love that Qualie enables us to do for our clients.  For years we have been working on hybrid approaches that blend of qual and quant to get the fuller picture for clients, quicker and easier.  Qualie is one of the best solutions I have seen as it is developed from true qualitative foundations and those are embedded in the whole process ”

Howard Parry-Husbands, CEO of Pollinate, talks about the evolution of clients needs: “Clients problems have become more complex, we can’t continue to use the same techniques, we need to think out of the box.  Pollinate has always pioneered new ways of conducting research and Quallie shares our vision. We are excited to partner with Qualie to continue delivering clients with the most effective solution for their challenges”.

Qualie already boasted a roster of dozens of full service clients including: King Software (makers of Candy Crush), Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Government, RACV, BUPA, Seek, Heart Foundation, TFE Hotels, and global leading soft drink manufacturer. Williams from Qualie commented: “We’re expecting our full service clients to be interested in the low cost nature of doing their own projects themselves. And we expect more and more research and advertising agencies will be using the Qualie platform to offer their clients a way of measuring and understanding more efficiently and objectively than ever before.”

Website: Qualie

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