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Toluna’s QuickSurvey Platform Hyperpowers Global Feedback from Millions of Influencers

MEDIA RELEASE: 15 August 2019: Toluna, a leading consumer intelligence platform that delivers insights on demand, continues its reputation as the premier on-demand platform for in the moment, automated research, via its QuickSurveys product. With a global community of millions of influencers, Toluna QuickSurveys gives researchers the opportunity to execute surveys to a targeted group of consumers in just minutes. Using advanced research and analytics, the platform supports agile new product development for researchers and ensures they are receiving high-quality consumer insights quickly. This attention to speed makes sure no time is lost building out smart, data-driven campaigns or products that can take their company or brand to the next level.

Separating itself from its competition, insights professionals utilizing Toluna’s platform don’t have to sacrifice speed for quality. With access to a database of a vetted global community consisting of a panel of 21 million influencers who are diverse, knowledgeable and engaged, insights professionals are able to secure the right, targeted feedback and data they require to build up their brand and produce results.

“In today’s competitive business landscape, data is king. However, we understand that where this data comes from is just as important as the analysis on the back end.  This is why the cornerstone of Toluna’s business model is providing insights professionals direct access to highly-targeted audience sectors and consumers for quick and actionable insights straight from the individuals who may become potential future buyers,” said Phil Ahad, Chief Digital Director at Toluna. “Toluna QuickSurveys is an innovative platform that allows researchers to do just that, packaged in a simple, user-friendly interface.”

Recent speed tests of Toluna’s QuickSurveys show just how quickly development teams can access the information they need to support accelerated decision-making. In just 24 hours, surveys on the QuickSurveys platform can secure 2,000 responses from 22 markets, 1,000 responses from 40 markets and 500 responses from 48 markets so it is scalable to everyone’s needs. QuickSurveys is offered globally in 43 markets including North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and Toluna has recently expanded its reach to include Australia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the Netherlands.

Offering over 200 options, insights professionals are able to tap their precise demographic ensuring their questions are getting in front of the right target audience that will drive the most impactful insights for their business. For researchers who are short on time, the platform enables them to take advantage of fully automated survey solutions, cutting down on tedious hours spent building and gathering crucial consumer insights.

In addition to the customizable surveys, QuickSurvey offers data presented in C-level reports and infoboards which can be exported with the click of a button. Toluna is committed to building new and innovative ways to enable insights professionals to transform and disrupt the industries they operate in by providing access to agile and impactful consumer insights.

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