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Marketing x Behavioral Science: Illuminera Launches Behave!

MEDIA RELEASE: 7 April 2020: The Illuminera Group announces the launch of a specialist marketing and behavior change consultancy unit – Behave!

Of late there has been an increasing interest among marketers in the ideas of behavioral economics popularized by Nobel prize winners such as Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler. The fact that these concepts have been utilized by the White House, Westminster and the United Nations to catalyze behavior change, increases their glamor. However, most marketing professionals see these ideas merely as providing a few useful tips for marketing, and do not recognize the full potential of behavioral science for maximizing marketing effectiveness.

A whole new way of marketing thinking!
Behave! is launched with the conviction that behavioral science and the broader field of behavioral and decision science goes much beyond offering a few enhancements to marketing. We believe that these sciences provide a whole new way of thinking about consumers and marketing. Behave! has developed its offer and tools through integrating the vast learning from behavioral science with the considerable knowledge and expertise of the practice of marketing.

Behave!’s offer of research and consultancy services is designed for marketing companies and also other organizations that are interested in behavior change. “Behave!’s approach ushers in a new paradigm for marketing to the time-starved and overwhelmed digital consumers,” said Paul Zhou, CEO of The Illuminera Group.

Beyond persuasion and positioning
Behave! brings in a new perspective in marketing and consumer insights with findings from behavioral science and contemporary marketing, adopting a comprehensive perspective of all the factors which influence the consumer behavior, which go beyond the traditional concepts of persuasion based communication, positioning and segmentation.

Behave!’s tools employ a detailed and contextual observation and analysis of consumer behavior. The explanation of the behavior does not come from consumer stated responses, but from the minutiae of the observation, the situation and the contexts, and other clues provided by the consumers through proprietary techniques.

“Our methodologies enhance the traditional knowledge of marketing with huge scientific learning from behavioral science, consumer neuroscience and evolutionary psychology and leverages it for solving problems of marketing, including brand and communication design, pricing and promotions, and experience design,” said Mavis Tong, Director – Commercial of Behave!

Behave! is co-founded by The Illuminera Group and Ashok Sethi, a marketing insights and consultancy professional with over 35 years of experience, and author of the book, “Chinese Consumers – Exploring the World’s Largest Demographic”.

Our solutions
Behave!’s solutions include:

BEaudit – a behavioral audit of marketing strategy and tactics, to identify means of enhancing it by making it behaviorally compatible.

BEprice – a pricing tool for optimization of brand and portfolio pricing strategy

BEbrand – a behavioral science approach which goes beyond positioning and segmentation to include all elements of the design of the choice architecture

BExperience – a tool to help enhance the consumer experience. Also applied for enhancing drug and treatment compliance.

Website: The Illuminera Group

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