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Lewers Reports Community Response to COVID-19

It started back in March with a suggestion from our Online Community Manager at a weekly staff meeting. “Hey, why don’t we put up a few questions on PurplePatch to see how this Coronavirus is affecting everyone?” The Team agreed, and we started on our journey, reporting the impact of
COVID-19 in Australia.

Lewers has a very active online community of over 7000 participants, and we like to keep them engaged, not only with paid client surveys, but also conducting our own proprietary research for ad benchmarking, trialling new methodologies, and gauging sentiment at critical times. So, on Saturday 14 March, the first survey went out to our PurplePatch community, and the second a week after.

The responses were – as we have come to expect from our PurplePatchers – honest and insightful, and sometimes very raw, and gave us great material to produce our first COVID-19 report on 24 March 2020.

The report was distributed to some key clients and via LinkedIn – all at no charge. We were delighted by the response. The report seemed to hit just the right note, and several clients contacted us immediately to express their appreciation, and request permission to use the data in their own internal comms.

Realising that the report was filling a real need in the research community, we took advantage of the fast response capabilities of PurplePatch and committed to ongoing, iterative reporting for as long as it was relevant. The second Community Response Now report expanded to include detailed Qual, was delivered on 1 April 2020, both as a downloadable PDF and on an interactive dashboard that allowed data to be filtered by age and state.

In response to requests for specific consumer insights, especially given the dramatic scenes witnessed at supermarkets across the country, the first Shopper Response Now report was also published in early April. Reports have since been shared by retailer social media networks.

As of 27 May, Lewers has delivered 9 Community Response Now and 3 Shopper Response Now reports, based on:

  • 6908 completes
  • 1,902 individual respondents
  • 140 questions answered

“I’m really proud of how we are responding to the COVID-19 crisis”, says Lisa Lewers, CEO of Lewers Research. “That we were able to rally ourselves into a taskforce and produce weekly reports on top of our existing workload, all whilst working from home and coping with the effects of the lockdown on our own lives is testament to the indefatigable strength of the Lewers team.”

At this time, we also wish to acknowledge the fantastic participation of the members of our online community, PurplePatch. Without their ongoing willingness to share their stories and opinions, we would not be able to produce the quality insights we have been able to provide in our reports.

As we enter a new (hopefully less volatile) phase of community restrictions, Lewers remains committed to continuing this longitudinal study, but will move to less frequent, but ongoing, publication of the reports. No doubt we will be using the experience of our COVID-19 reporting journey, and the information we have gathered, as valuable context for new research projects on behalf of our clients as they seek to engage with their customers and assess the effects of the pandemic on their business.

You can subscribe to receive future reports as they are published, and also gain access to earlier editions here.

Website: Lewers

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