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Virtual Conference – Facing 2030: A Client Perspective on Getting Match Fit 

This year the Research Society’s annual conference FACING 2030 is going virtual. We are at a time when we can take the best of the past, and combine that with the human skills we bring in understanding people, and look to the future by making the most of new technologies and data sources that are more available today than ever before.

The opening session on day one of the Conference includes a client panel – Facing 2030: A Client Perspective on Getting Match Fit

Says Chris Crook, Nature’s Managing Partner and Co-Chair of this year’s National Conference… “This year’s conference is shaping up to be a ripper, and it really is a great opportunity for both agency and client-side insights professionals to get into a window into where we are headed as an industry.  Across 4 days we’re showcasing the best of what Australia has to offer when it comes to research that involves new technology, leveraging new types of data sources, and working in new collaborative ways.  And alongside our local and international keynotes, Day 1’s client panel discussion will put a spotlight on what matters most to clients and how their world is evolving in 2020 and beyond.  See you on August 3!”. 

Says Lisa Lewers, Managing Director of Lewers Research and Co-Chair of this year’s National ConferenceSince setting our conference theme Facing 2030 last year, the question of how we need to show up as an industry has become increasingly relevant. As a researcher I am naturally curious and it seems only fitting that we start with exploring the perspective of our client stakeholders. Our client panel on day one is a chance to do just that and I’m excited to be exploring this theme with a group of industry leaders. It’s a chance to understand what’s on their minds to help inform how we all shape our future.

Insights in Australia and globally now exists in a new competitive context, a new world of data, with dynamics such as the growing convergence of qual and quant making us need to rethink who we are, what we do, and how we fit in.

  • How do we ensure we evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients?
  • How do we ensure we move further up (rather than down) the value chain?
  • What are the challenges in doing so, and the capabilities we need?
  • If we seize this opportunity to consider these questions, we can thrive. If we ignore these dynamics, we may slowly decline as an industry. Now is the time for a future focus, by thinking and talking about our collective challenges and opportunities, from both a client and agency perspective.
  • In 2020 our conference is about looking forward to 2030 to consider how we want and need to show up as an industry.
  • How are we going to ensure we are the indispensable custodians of the consumer truth?

Join us at the Conference and hear what insights our speakers Matthew Ferguson , Elyssia ClarkChris Cramond  and Melissa Pellegrini – have to share.

Register now for the Conference here.

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