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Research in a black swan world

For decades, consumer behaviour has remained consistent across long periods of time — just as researchers in times past were sure that all swans were white. This data was consistent, and always applicable, enabling benchmarking that is pertinent to future time periods. 

Now, similar to when it was discovered that swans could be black, the foundation of research has been shaken — in response to what is aptly named a ‘black swan’ event. In today’s rapidly changing world, methods that were previously relied on, such as swans coloured white or reliable consistency in consumer behaviour, no longer offer any assurity. 

Today, the research industry is being compelled to capture new data rapidly. The black swan effect is felt by researchers as they are asked to capture and create actionable insights that match the day-to-day nature of today’s marketplace. Everything has changed in the wake of the post-pandemic shift and research has to move faster than ever before.

Glow has developed an end-to-end research platform with these research needs in mind. We are passionate about providing researchers the tools to achieve speedy, timely insights that are necessary in shifting marketplaces — and we’re thrilled to introduce our innovative platform to the researchers who need it most.

Researchers must now gather useful data in a time-sensitive and high-pressure landscape. The seamless, collaborative workflow within our platform contains cohesive tools that move the research process along quickly. 

The Glow platform offers all the cloud-based collaboration features required to complete a project at a rapid pace. As a complete end-to-end platform, all the tools you need to complete your data collection and analysis is located entirely within the Glow platform. This quick workflow solution means achieving real-time insights is easier, and faster, than ever before.

Swans are now black; consumer behaviour now shifts rapidly; and, with Glow, researchers now have the tools to continuously capture rapid pace, real-time data.

End-to-end versatility

The Glow platform has been used by global and local brands. Our tools are versatile; many clients in the agency, public relations, and advisory industries have seen much success with the Glow research platform. The versatility of the Glow platform means that our tools can assist with a wide range of research undertakings.

For example, capturing fresh insight to support pitches often means an urgent need for time-sensitive results. The ease of use of the Glow platform, combined with quick access to a broad range of audiences, ensures survey results will meet specific briefs at a rapid pace. The real time dashboard enables an early look at results, while data is being collected — so the building of storylines, and locating emerging themes to support pitch objectives, can begin early.

Those who are working for a brand in-house may wish to perform a quick test to gauge market response ahead of a product or service launch campaign. This would require testing across multiple markets — and the user would need to share results with their team to garner support for the chosen direction. The Glow platform makes all of this easy, through tools including sophisticated targeting options, translation capabilities, and quick-share results in the visually compelling Glow dashboard. 

We see the need for agile tools like ours across all industries. For example, an FMCG small goods brand recently used Glow to inform a new product line, based on a two day survey that delivered up-to-date results on current consumer preferences. The result was actionable data that fit today’s consumer desires.

Seamless workflow

We are proud to offer important tools that offer the real-time data collection capabilities that researchers require today. With all features located entirely within the platform, seamless and collaborative end-to-end workflow allows for quick and efficient speed to insights.

Full control over every project

Advanced user controls ensure researchers are firmly in the driver’s seat. With options for unlimited users, personalised logins, panel preference settings, and control user access to consumer panels, making use of personalisable management tools is seamless. 

A convenient billing centre is located entirely within the platform, allowing users to collaborate, concierge, and manage client billing. The convenient options panel allows administrators to see all controls at a glance. 

With features built to be entirely user-friendly, the Glow platform always provides total, customisable control over each project. We’ve ensured each feature is working for you, not against — like the stable, threat-free environment of the black swan. 

Organised project toolboxes

Our new project toolbox makes cloud-based collaboration a breeze. Project files are uploaded, stored, and organised all in one place, for quick and easy organisation. 

Black swans form large groups — we know that researchers do the same. We’ve built in easy collaboration through the simple click of a button. 

With individual privacy options for each project file, users are a click away from a convenient selection of privacy options. Choose to share with collaborators, or keep private, on a per-project basis.

Survey tools for total customisation

Surveys are supercharged through a toolkit of more than 40 new logic and quota management features — to ensure all surveys can gather exactly the information researchers are seeking.

Distributing multilingual surveys is quick and easy through advanced translation tools for multi-market studies, alongside the ability to share survey previews in any language. It’s all located within the Glow platform, for end-to-end survey creation convenience. 

These tools enable you to sing your survey song in any language you please, just as the black swan makes a range of trumpeting calls.

Precise sampling control

Sampling is smarter. The Glow platform offers integrated access to 90 million panellists around the world, across many countries. It allows for easy segmentation in detail, and precise audience targeting, all from within the platform. 

Researchers can send a survey to a chosen panel, including start-to-finish purchasing and implementation of panelists, through the Glow platform. Alternatively, import your own audience through an integrated user-friendly dashboard. 

Black swans are not known to be territorial, and neither is Glow; we welcome researchers to use our survey panel as a tool to reach the audience of your choice.

As results come in, users can manage quotas and automate sampling by demographics and postcode, while monitoring live data in real-time. It’s quick, easy, and completed start-to-finish in one location.

Real-time insights dashboard

The Glow research platform has been developed with researchers’ needs in mind. On top of our sophisticated, user-friendly data collection and analysis tools, we offer the best value for data with no lock-in contracts. Advanced security is standard at Glow, with all data hosted on-shore by default.

We are thrilled to act as pioneers in the rapidly shifting research industry. Our research platform provides the speed to insights necessary for strategic decision making in a continuously changing landscape. 

At Glow, we look forward to seeing the research industry grow and change, as we continue to provide researchers with modern tools for the type of data collection that is necessary today.

We know, now, that not all swans are white — and we know that consumer patterns may never return to our previous normal. Glow equips researchers with the tools of today to go forward with black swan data collection.


Glow hosts a weekly study to identify the biggest challenges and consumer attitudes to topical issues. For participation via submission of questions, or to run your own consumer study, please email Derek Brown, Glow’s Managing Director APAC, at

Website: Glow

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