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Kantar Australia launch unique cross channel media optimisation software

MEDIA RELEASE: 17 November 2020:Kantar Australia today launches Media+BOSS (Brand Optimising Simulator Software) – an innovative and unique new software platform for brands and media agencies to simulate media campaigns across channels and forecast the expected impact on the brand.

“Media agencies have access to a lot of data to plan media and measure media campaigns, but a major gap in the market is the ability to plan and optimise to brand metric outcomes,” says Kantar Australia Executive Director Media and Digital, Mark Henning.

“Sourced from Kantar’s proprietary Cross Media database based on actual campaign results involving 30,000+ individual respondents, Media+BOSS will allow clients to understand the impact of moving their budget between different media channels, or the impact of including a media channel that they haven’t previously used on their brand awareness, brand perceptions and consideration/intent – all before they’ve spent a cent.”

Media+BOSS also helps brands and media agencies to understand the multiplier effect across channels, such as how reduction of spend in one channel can impact the effectiveness of another, with the contribution from media combinations as a key reporting outcome.

“Using Media+BOSS means brands can answer key budget planning questions upfront and ascertain a clear value proposition,” adds Henning.

“It is an evidence-based approach to identify the ideal mix and spend allocation utilising robust findings from actual media campaigns to explore the ideal media investment split to drive brand impact. Media+BOSS delivers a market-winning platform filling the gap as to which channels produce the desired brand outcomes and help predict and optimal budget allocation.”

Media+BOSS is available via an annual subscription – find out more at

Website: Kantar

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